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Ubuntu Unity Widgets Concept

Various Gnome Stuff by musl1m
Unity is set to be the default desktop in the next version of Ubuntu 11.04 'Natty Narwhal' and one thing that the Gnome desktop is missing in comparison to other desktop interfaces is native widgets this is something that Unity can include. Over the next 6 months the Unity interface is going to...
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Nov 12 2010

3 panel backgrounds

Various Gnome Stuff by zack1
3 panel backgrounds. Screenshots are unfortunately missing. Hope you enjoy these regardless. Comment and rate. If you like my work please consider a small contribution to support my efforts. Thank you.
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Nov 08 2010

Linux kernel for Compro VideoMa

Various Gnome Stuff by monga
Linux kernel for Compro VideoMate M1F
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Nov 07 2010

Naysa T

Various Gnome Stuff by azmo35
For avant window navigator. Install Instructions: 1. Download 2. Save to downloads or your chosen location. 3. Right click on awn, select Dock Preference. 4. Go to themes, click Install. 5. Find location where you saved it. 6. Select and install.
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Nov 01 2010

QMMP logo alternative

Various Gnome Stuff by shantiq
a very different type of logo for qmmp no butterfly here simply a new idea
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Nov 01 2010

configuration for tint2

Various Gnome Stuff by sabbor
configuration tint2.. for 1280 widescreen
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Oct 30 2010

Ambiance-X-Studio theme for WindowApplet

Various Gnome Stuff by dwsalo
X-Studio theme for Window Applets windowbuttons. Extract and copy to /usr/share/windowbuttons/themes/ Buttons was created from Ambiance-X-Studio (created by mickyz) Metacity theme 2: Updated clicked images
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Sep 30 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by hielos
It is just a simple customisation based on the Radiance and Human themes that I did to save some pixels on menus and scrolling bars. You can also set your environment to only show icons if you want to save a little more space. Using Faenza icons is recommended.
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Sep 26 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by arthy
Descomprimir archivo en usr/share/slim/themes/ y modificar el archivo etc/slim.conf en la linea: current_theme default reemplazar por esta otra: current_theme insecto Todo esto con permisos de super usuario
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Sep 24 2010

Foxhead Blue

Various Gnome Stuff by Foxhead
My Desktop that i thought i should share customized by me. If people seem to like my stuff i might make more
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Sep 19 2010