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Futurebuntu Ani-02-A Torquoise Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Futurebuntu Ani-02-A Torquoise plymouth theme is a futuristic boot theme with circularly moving dot as loading animation mostly for Ubuntu/Mint: new Ubuntu logo was imagined and designed to align with the future of Ubuntu, having received a future view (but more than just a glimpse) of it, but...
ubuntu unix bootscreen linux mint splashscreen plymouth
Nov 03 2019


Various Gnome Theming by kp2401075
Theme based on shades of Grey. Window controls are recreated (inspired by MR ROBOT)
gnome linux mr.robot robot theme unix
Aug 14 2019

Manjaro Still

Plymouth Themes by wakellor957
A Plymouth theme for Manjaro. I used barskern's plymouth-theme-simple-image theme, then changed the image he used to the Manjaro logo from the manjaro-elegant Plymouth theme... To install: ¬ Download, extract, and copy the folder to /usr/share/plymouth/themes. ¬ Edit /...
unix bootscreen bootsplash splashscreen plymouth linux manjaro image
Jul 12 2019

Windows XP icon theme pack

Full Icon Themes by Hemoo023
This is a windows xp icon theme pack "this is only a icon theme not a full theme"
unix icon-theme linux
Feb 21 2018

Mist Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by aysha01
this theme is inspired by the appearance of the GDM3 login manager, the main goal of this theme is to make Gnome Shell fully transparent. This means a panel that blends right into the desktop, simple flat, transparent buttons, and the bare minimum when it comes to menus and elements that overlap...
linux gnome theme unix
Apr 06 2018

Mac OS sierra Master Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by Hemoo023
This is a amazing Looking Mac OS sierra theme for GTK/Gnome users! It has the high sierra style panel colour too !
gnome linux theme unix
Feb 27 2018

Gnome 3.8 for Non GNOME DE

Various Gnome Stuff by Hemoo023
This is a .sh excutable file to install Gnome 3.8 on your DE (Desktop Environment) simply download the zip file and extract it and right click on the .sh file and go to properties and click allow executing as a program and then open up a terminal and type this cd (path to where you...
linux extension gnome unix
Feb 25 2018

Android Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by Hemoo023
Very cool looking android theme, Maybe the best One out there for GTK3 , Hope you like it !
theme unix gnome linux
Feb 24 2018

Chrome OS Theme for Linux

GTK3/4 Themes by Hemoo023
This is a cool Chrome OS theme for GTK3 and is very close to the original chrome os look ^___^
gnome linux unix theme
Feb 24 2018

Reconfigured Human next with original Mac os launchpad icon

GTK3/4 Themes by Hemoo023
Love the Human Next Shell Theme but Dont like the Dock "Launchpad/Show applications " icon? Does not look like Mac OS sierra Launchpad icon? Want a Human next theme with that already configured? Then This reconfigured theme is for you ^__^ All the credits go to the original maker for Human...
unix theme gnome linux
Jan 05 2018