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iZ3 Elite

Full Icon Themes by Naf71
I packed these great icon theme for gnome, originally a windowblinds theme created by Mr AzizNatour for his personal use on windows and after trying for a few days, I decided to share with all fans of gnome, hoping to have...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 09 2010


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
Slyd Icons theme. ::Introduction:: Slyd Icons was originally a windowblinds theme created by Mr AzizNatour for his personal use on windows. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got permission from Mr...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 24 2010


Full Icon Themes by TheRob
previously fuglyfolder. Is a kde icon theme that changes the folder. Feel free to do whatev. A lot of folders still missing, it will inherit the seans leo-like icon theme. Sean names every version of the leo like theme different so its impossible to inherit it when its...
icon-theme linux unix
May 10 2010


Cursors by untouchable89
Port from Haiku os.
cursor linux unix
Apr 30 2010

Sway Themes (made for Ubuntu 12.04) for

GTK3/4 Themes by djhswar82
I hope more than anything other developers can import or alter this work to suit other Linux Distributions or create even better themes. This package has been separated into 2 files due to uploading speed limitations... Sway-Themes__For-Developers.part1.rar (Part 1 of...
gnome linux theme unix
Sep 30 2012

Frugal KDE Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by centuri0
Frugal is a full kde4 icon theme. Comes from frugalware, but fits all kde desktops. I hope you'll appreciate the work. Archive is .tar.bz2 (39.9MiB) and ready to be installed throught your control center. Enjoy Centuri0 PS: I'll no longer provide kde3.x tarball. If you badly want...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 11 2010

Win2-7 Remix

GTK3/4 Themes by HlzAndrew
Gtk+ 3, Gnome Shell and Openbox Theme. gtk2 (original) & metacity themes - from gtk3 (original) theme - from Gnome Shell (original) theme - from...
gnome linux theme unix
Sep 26 2012

ALLGREY UniQ Edition

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101
ALLGREY modified to work with KDE 4 Credits go to Mandarancid and aMADme, I've only made a couple of the icons myself :)
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 11 2009


GTK3/4 Themes by NanaBuluku
I will need to fork a gnome-shell/cinnamon version because it's proving difficult to theme both environments with one gtk set. This theme has currently only been tested thoroughly under unity in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. I have retired Radiamentary as it had far too much redundant code to...
gnome linux theme unix
Mar 06 2012

Ciment for KDE4

Full Icon Themes by Eldarion
Ciment for KDE4 is a port of the Mac OS X icon folders “Ciment” made by Laurent Baumann (see below). It includes icons from “Albook” by the same author. The original icons are in:
icon-theme linux unix
May 09 2009