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Full Icon Themes by potzblitz7
This is my new Icon theme for gnome3. I use it with mediterranian night Theme and gnome 3 shell. It is based on icons by D.Arneaz, who has some great arts but only for windows...:-( So i hope you like this theme.. It is still in progress, maybe i will upload the psd files for your personal...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 10 2012

malys - deda GTK2,GTK3 + GS theme

GTK3/4 Themes by malys777
Support My Work With a Donation ➙ ________________________________________ ► GTK2 - you must first install latest gtk2-engine-pixbuf ► GTK3 - & latest gtk3-engines-unico sudo apt-get install gtk2-...
theme unix gnome linux
Sep 11 2013

Uniq v1

Metacity Themes by IBBoard
This is a port of Scnd101's 'uniq v1' Aurorae theme [1] to Metacity. Now you can enjoy the beauty of this theme in Gnome (with or without Compiz). v1.1 updates the theme to be closer to the original. This port was inspired by Garthecho's Emerald port [2]. openSUSE doesn't support Emerald any...
unix linux
Jan 24 2011


Metacity Themes by Perberos
This Metacity theme is similar to the Clearlooks, I just change the restore button icon, because I see that is hard to know if the windows is maximized or not. ...
linux unix
Jan 14 2011


GTK3/4 Themes by paudelanup
A Dark Wood Gtk 3 Theme Credits; Handcrafted series of wood theme Marples Black theme Atolm-gtk theme
gnome linux unix theme
Jul 09 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by KEIII
Modification Faience theme by tiheum GTK2 ENGINES REQUIREMENT gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf
linux theme unix gnome
Apr 28 2013

Lubuntu Shadowplay

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan
This is a theme based on the "Carbon Gold" theme by MK64 which can be found here: so all due credit to the original author. I have edited or recreated most of the graphics in the theme and changed the colors to my liking. This is however my first attempt...
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Jan 01 2014

Immunity Origami

GTK3/4 Themes by CruelAngel
I ported my Immunity GTK theme to the 3.6 light themes. It basically Radiance, with an alternative window title based on Elementary and Ambiance panels and menus. Also added the Faience active tab for good mesure and simple scrollbars for GTK2 themes for all those apps (like gtk skinned qt apps,...
unix theme gnome linux
Mar 25 2013

Dummy X11 cursors

Cursors by ultr
X11 cursors theme useful for creating your own cursor theme and debugging. NEW: Now the package contains a list of must-have cursors (ODS file). They are collected in groups of same or similar cursors which can be represented by a single cursor image. There is also a Bash script...
unix linux cursor
Jan 01 2012


GTK2 Themes by Ikem
A Linux Mint theme with the colors from Mint-X and the button styles from Shiki-Wise. The GTK 3.x version included still needs some tweaking. This theme supports: - Cinnamon - Gnome-Shell - GTK 2.x and GTK 3.x - QupZilla - Unity - Wine
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Nov 09 2013