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Numix-like GNOME Shell 3.16 theme

Gnome Shell Themes by k01uch
This is Numix-like theme for GNOME Shell 3.16 (tested on Fedora 22). You must have installed and active User Themes extension for GNOME Shell. Copy Numix folder to: - ~/.local/share/themes for specific user access only - /usr/share/themes for system-wide access Use gnome-tweak-tool to...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Oct 18 2015

Radiance Monochrome

GTK3/4 Themes by jarkamirov
Grey mod for Ubuntu Radiance theme. Based on Irradiance ( Tested on Ubuntu 14.10.
gnome linux theme unix
Oct 29 2014


Cairo Clock by talpastools
Vintage vector clock for cairo-clock. (for instal: unpack to : usr/share/cairo-clock/themes) You can use it for screenlets too (for instal: unpack to :/usr/share/screenlets/screenlets~/clock/themes/) And you can use for clocky too. (for clocky, unpack to: /home/YourName/.clocky) With...
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Oct 24 2014


Cairo Clock by facsavar
Hamilton vector clock for cairo-clock You can have, with Clocky, the cpu, and mem -meter too [url][/url] (For install, unpack to: /usr/shere/cairo-clock/themes) You can use it for screenlets, and for clocky too. For...
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Oct 17 2014

gnome-shell-theme-viva (blue+orange)

Gnome Shell Themes by viva
This is my Gnome-Shell 3.18 theme, based on my previous themes with some small tweaks. There is a blue and a orange version inside! Required Fonts: Raleway, Open Sans If you have any problems or remarks for improvement of the theme, just let me know on github. The theme is not...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Sep 28 2015

Lucid Carbon GTK3.12

GTK3/4 Themes by KaneVanguard
Version #2.2: Add By Request also includes a non-carbon variant, Enlightenment E-19 EFL 1.10 Theme, LXQT Panel Theme, and my icon set I put together.. UPDATE Version #2.1 Lots of bug fixes have fun.. GTK2+ & GTK3.12+ Lucid Carbon Theme set based on Delorean-dark-3.12 &...
gnome linux theme unix
Sep 22 2014

Simplicity Flat for Elementary OS Luna

GTK3/4 Themes by hackan301
I made Simplicity for Elementary Yesterday and was tweaking it today and came up with a more flat design. Four moods and colors, beginning with the brightest: Midori Luna Pro and Pro Orange Hope you'll enjoy them and if you do like them you are more than welcome to donate a coin to me....
gnome linux theme unix
Aug 19 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by salvoeur
this application is useful for colorizing a preexisting theme, the files of the theme that will be colorized are indicated by the "theme-name".tcconf files, the application is provided with the tcconf files for the [b]Ambiance[/b] and [b]Radiance[/b] themes, and the tcconf for [b]Humanity[/b]...
extension gnome linux unix
Aug 17 2014

Liberty Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by janxopc
It is a adapted default theme Gnome 3.17 for Gnome 3.10, Gnome 3.12 and Gnome 3.14 (not all), with a few changes.
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Aug 13 2015

Deadora GRUB2 Theme

GRUB Themes by aeve
Unzip and copy the [b]deadora[/b] folder in /boot/grub2/themes/. add this to /etc/default/grub [quote] GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub2/themes/deadora/theme.txt GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep [/quote] Then update your grub config.
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
Apr 04 2016