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TRON Legacy Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by techxero
This is my TRON Legacy Dark Grub Theme. Constantly updated so keep coming back. I included a script that makes installing much easier, just follow steps below : 1- Download & Extract Zip File 2- chmod +x ./ 3- Execute sudo ./ P.S : Thanks to @HENRIQUE42HENK for his...
bootscreen burg grub grub-theme grub2 linux splashscreen unix
May 23 2021

delJ-ways Ani-01 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
delJ-ways Ani-01 plymouth theme is a boot theme motivated by mathematics, made thinking about all mathematicians and mathematician alikes encouraging them to keep doing mathematics but it can also be used if it suits you in any other way =) This theme can be obtained from my Gumroad store site...
bootscreen bootsplash equation linux math plymouth splashscreen unix
May 16 2021

Softwaves Plymouth Theme for Manjaro

Plymouth Themes by mazhar
Debian's Softwaves Plymouth theme with Manjaro branding instead of Debian. How to install: 1. Extract zip file to a folder 2. Make the file `./install` executable using GUI or the command `chmod +x ./install` 3. Run the file `./install` from the extracted folder 4. Done How to...
bootscreen linux manjaro plymouth softwaves splashscreen unix
May 01 2021

Ventoy Dark Theme

GRUB Themes by ABOhiccups
This Dark Theme is for Ventoy Multiboot USB Drive. Copy "ventoy" folder to Root of USB Drive. Windows: X:\ventoy Linux: /run/media/[USERNAME]/[USB DRIVE]/ventoy
ventoy dark-theme linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
May 10 2021


Plymouth Themes by Duke93
Port of the original Kubuntu 6.10 boot splash for Plymouth
boot bootscreen bootsplash linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 23 2021


Plymouth Themes by theZest
A variation of the default BGRT Plymouth theme with Xiaomi "spinner" (like in MIUI phones). Contains Manjaro branding (watermark.png), replace it with whatever you like. Do note that Xiaomi logo present on the preview here is just my own BGRT image, your will have your own depending on your...
bgrt bootscreen linux miui plymouth splashscreen unix xiaomi
May 07 2021


Plymouth Themes by theZest
This is a variation of the default Plymouth BGRT + Spinner theme where spinner is replaced with a "liquid" bootanimation ported from Android. Looks quite cute I think. Encrypted setups are supported. Contains Manjaro branding (watermark.png), replace it with whatever you like. To install,...
bgrt bootscreen linux liquid plymouth spinner splashscreen unix
May 07 2021

Unicyclesynced Ani-13 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Unicyclesynced Ani-13 plymouth theme is a modern boot theme with nice loading animation (preview doesn't show much of it really) that can be virtually used in any distro - its logo has been designed with intent of bringing various Linux distros a bit closer, but you may use it also if it suits...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unity universal unix
Apr 10 2021


GRUB Themes by hostilesquirrel
Tokyo ghoul Theme
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
Mar 14 2021

Veccy Sun Ani-01 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Veccy Sun Ani-01 plymouth theme is a light, inspiring boot theme inspired by vectory things with nice loading animation that can be virtually used in any distro =) This theme can be obtained from my Gumroad store site (it's a good one): Veccy Sun Ani-01 Dark Gray -...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen sun unix vector
Mar 26 2021