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Ubuntu 14.04-Themes-pack

GTK3/4 Themes by Ten
3 new themes
gnome linux theme unix
Jul 24 2014

Squared Window Buttons for Ubuntu

GTK3/4 Themes by bloob9
These are some alternative squared window buttons for Ubuntu Ambiance Theme ------------------------ Installing the theme: ------------------------ 1. download and unpack the downloaded .tar.gz. 2. before copying you might do a backup of the original files. 3. get root rights and copy...
gnome linux theme unix
Jul 22 2014

Ambiance Darkside color

GTK3/4 Themes by albertoxet
Tema de escritorio basado en Ambiance y probado en Ubuntu 14.04. Inspirado en los colores de macOS pero conservando la identidad de Ubuntu, ademas de un toque dark en la barra lateral del nautilus. (No soy programador asi que ademas de usar Ambiance como base, he tomado parte del codigo del tema...
gnome linux theme unix
Jul 20 2014


Full Icon Themes by ikisham
I use this theme with GTK theme and some transparency on the panel. Also works well with the MediterraneanDark variant. Requires the Faenza icon theme (inherits Faenza-Darkest by default; change this at will by editing...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 21 2012

Calen Black

GTK3/4 Themes by Calen
Dark theme with some glow effects, made for my xubuntu. Theme works for gtk 2.x, gtk 3.x and theme manager xfwm.
gnome linux theme unix
May 25 2014

Ubuntu Server Manager

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
New version for Ubuntu 14.04!!! Designed for localhost !Still you can use'it on remote hosts with ssh x forward! Ubuntu Server is a GUI ,created with Quickly Glade, to manage your servers that are installed (apache2,myqsl,proftpd,samba,monitorix,ssh,nagios,webmin) and see the server log...
extension gnome linux unix
Apr 28 2014

eOS (Precise Elementary)

Full Icon Themes by LozanoJack
Un excelente theme de iconos elementary ajustado para poder usarlo y aprovecharlo al máximo en Ubuntu 12.04 LTS sobre su entorno Unity 5. PD: El theme no es propio sino el mismísimo "elementary-icon-theme-2.71" retocado para que se adecue al escritorio Unity de Ubuntu 12.04 LTS y actualizado v...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 23 2012

Shiny Advanced

GTK3/4 Themes by Ambiance-69
The original Shiny theme, ported to GTK3, Openbox, Unity and Xfwm4. Shiny is one of the themes bundled with MATE, but it only supported GTK2 and Metacity, So I decided to port it to GTK3, Openbox, Unity and Xfwm4.
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 21 2014

The Ultimate List of Radio Stations

Various Gnome Stuff by inameiname
I've always had a difficult time finding a bunch of various Internet stations, and whenever I do, I always had to manually install each and every one of them. Well, after a long while of doing just that, and accumulating quite a few, I decided to share. There are nearly 4800 stations...
extension gnome linux unix
Apr 09 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by jimmytheneutrino
A very simple darker modification of the standard theme for Gnome 3.16. To change the color palette, simply play with colors in gnome-shell/gnome-shell-sass/_color.scss and generate css by running sass --sourcemap=none --update . in the gnome-shell folder. When having User Themes...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Apr 11 2015