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elementary scrollbars for chrome

Various Gnome Stuff by conorsulli
A chrome extension I wrote up to match the non-native chrome scrollbars better with Dan rabbits elementary theme hope you guys like it!
extension gnome linux unix
Dec 01 2010


Full Icon Themes by hammergom
This is a complete system set for KDE. I have assembled this set from icons by Everaldo, Louie Mantia and me. I used Louie Mantia's mimetype and folder icons as a template. Also included in this set are the most beautiful Open Office icons on the planet created by Mike Moschini aka gryphen who...
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 18 2007

Talika applet

Various Gnome Stuff by vinoddahiya
This is a gnome panel applet that lets you switch between open windows using icons. ***NOTE*** If you build from source run configure with --prefix=/usr. Without it applet won't be listed. ./configure --prefix=/usr make sudo make install Logout from session and login again.
extension gnome linux unix
Sep 01 2010

Frosted Glass

Gnome Shell Themes by Padster
A glassy theme, with inspiration taken from things like Nord and Faience, but with a spin on it. [b]Now supports GNOME-Shell 3.4![/b] This theme has been tested to look good on most wallpapers, so don't worry :) [b]Instructions: Extract the zip file first[/b], open GNOME-Tweak-Tool and...
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Jul 12 2012


Gnome Shell Themes by Padster
A dark theme for GNOME-Shell 3.2 and 3.4 Enjoy! [b]Instructions: Extract the zip file first[/b], open GNOME-Tweak-Tool and install the theme for your version of GNOME-Shell. Alternatively, you can also extract the theme into your .themes folder.
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Jun 24 2012

Gobilum Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by Aaika
#------------------- INSTALL NEW THEME Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. "~/.themes/" or "/usr/share/themes/" or use Gnome Tweak Tool to install. Don't forget to restart Gnome Shell -> Alt+F2 -> r #------------------- MY SETTING Gnome shell theme: Gobilum Shell...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Jun 08 2012


Full Icon Themes by iconcubiccom
Once there was a country which lead by a council called Soviet ruled our planet with United States over 50 years before it collapsed.Let us recollect some pieces of this red-empire. CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-ROM,DVD-RW,DVD-Vedio,DVD+R,DVD+RW,External,Firewire HD,Internal,Removeable,USB...
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Jul 30 2006

malys - glassy

Gnome Shell Themes by malys777
⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ [b]if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...[/b] [url][/url] ⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ ► font "ubuntu light " can be easily changed in gnome-shell.css ...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
May 31 2012


Gnome Shell Themes by jackho
This is my first try at shell theming. I made this one out of a mix of the default gnome-shell theme and pieces taken from ~SkiesOfAzel's Atolm which is cool by the way :-) Only for 3.2x, it feels better with clear wallpapers, mine is bodhi linux E17 wallpaper and AwOken icon theme.
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Dec 25 2011

MLP: Bootsplash is Magic - Vinyl Scratch

Plymouth Themes by Schiwi
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plymouth Bootsplash Vinyl Scratch version Thanks to the GIF-Maker for the Picture To install on *ubuntu, extract the file and run as sudo cp -R ./vinyl /lib/plymouth/themes/ ln -sf /lib/plymouth/themes/vinyl/vinyl.plymouth...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Dec 08 2011