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Oxygen Grub 2 Theme

GRUB Themes by LegendaryBibo
A Grub 2 theme based on the KDE 4 Oxygen theme. Install directions are in the tar file. Also, if someone had links to Oxygen themed distro icons, I'd be more than happy to update them. One more thing, as I'm not a KDE user, I had to base this off of screenshots which is probably a whole...
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May 08 2012

Tropical GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by LegendaryBibo
A GRUB theme I made with a tropical setting. Might be final, might not be. To install, first unarchive with whatever your archive software of choice is then go to the Tropical folder (where ever you placed it). Now open up a terminal and type sudo then press space then click and drag the...
unix bootscreen burg grub splashscreen linux
May 08 2012

Fortune - BURG Theme

GRUB Themes by OrphanShadow
Featured on OMG!Ubuntu: This is a theme for the BURG bootloader. Make sure you have BURG installed before attempting to install this theme. BURG homepage: ======================================== Installation: *Note: the...
unix linux splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Feb 25 2012

XBMC Burg Theme (burg default theme MOD)

GRUB Themes by SKiLLCode
XBMC Theme for BURG bootloader (burg default theme MOD) [url][/url] ATTENTION: DON'T TRY TO USE THIS THEME WITH GRUB OR A SIMILAR BOOLOADER!!! Created by Enrico Franceschini (SKiLLCode) Copyright 2011 Enrico Franceschini. This theme is licensed under GNU...
unix splashscreen linux grub burg bootscreen
Nov 03 2011

OpenBSD Cold Steel Grub Boot Splash #1

GRUB Themes by Notofsoundmind
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Sep 07 2011


GRUB Themes by D-Dan
Tux burg theme. Needs burg to be installed, obviously. Extract to /boot/burg/themes and run sudo update-burg to make it available. I made this to compliment a previous plymouth theme (which I haven't uploaded because it needs further testing - volunteers, anyone?) Hope you like it.
linux splashscreen grub burg bootscreen unix
Jul 27 2011


GRUB Themes by voral
GRUB2 bootsplash size: 1024x768. Install: 1. Extract from archive 2. Copy png-file to /boot/grub/ 3. Edit file /etc/default/grub 3.1 Uncomment line GRUB_GFXMODE= 3.2 Edit to GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 4. excute 'update-grub' command
linux splashscreen bootscreen burg grub unix
May 19 2011

Grup sayayin

GRUB Themes by Morttis
Burg is short for "Brand-new universal charger GRUB." It is an excellent addition to the default bootloader for Ubuntu o kubuntu , GRUB 2. The main reason people switch to BURG is because of the amazing themes offered once installed. It is not really a replacement for...
unix splashscreen linux grub burg bootscreen
May 15 2011

bug bootsplash

GRUB Themes by GT1967
opensuse grubsplash message-file inside a picture made by me... copy the file "bug" to /boot and edit menu.lst to "gfxmenu (hdX, X) /bug"
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Apr 13 2011

Grub2 Boot Picture

GRUB Themes by soundrolf
My Grub Background Picture
linux splashscreen grub bootscreen burg unix
Mar 31 2011