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Language Flags for Ubuntu Mono Light

Full Icon Themes by scottiw2000
This is a collection of svg flag images for the input language notifier in the gnome-panel. They are styled to match the Ubuntu-mono-light icon set. I made these to solve the problem with the input language indicator menu in Ubuntu 10.10. It displays both a text label for the language and an...
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Nov 03 2010


Full Icon Themes by Naf71
XIII Icons (Folders) created by by ~apathae ( Scott Copeland) for personal desktop use ONLY. I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome, i got permission from ~apathae ( Scott Copeland) I thank him for his sympathetic response " Sounds...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 05 2010

Sehzade ikon Tema (For Pardus)

Full Icon Themes by oghouz
Sehzade ikon Tema Pardus için geliştirilmiştir. Kde 4.* sürümlerinde çalışmaktadır. Beğeneceginizi Ummaktayım... Kurulumu: Zip içerisindeki tar.gz uzantılı dosyayı cıkartın.Sonrada sistem ayarları-görünüm-simge yolundan ekleyebilirsiniz... Sehzade Icon theme developed for Pardus 2009.*. It ...
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Jun 13 2010

Buuf Deuce KDE

Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna
The Buuf Deuce icon theme for KDE 4! I think it's finally ready for 1.0. All artistic credit goes to Paul Davey, aka mattahan ( I messed around a bit to create some custom icons, but he is responsible for essentially everything. His work is absolutely...
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Feb 01 2010

focus effect update

Gnome Extensions by dams69
add transparency to gnome-shell window you'll need git to download it unzip the downloaded file then put the folder into usr/share/gnome-shell/extension available soon at just waiting for a review...
extension gnome linux unix
Aug 16 2012


Plank Themes by rhoconlinux
What is this? --------------- Plank Themer is a small application that [b]allows you to change the themes in Plank with one click[/b]. It [b]adds a dock entry in your Plank Dock and allows you to select the themes directly from there[/b]. Additionally I'm mantaining a [b]repository...
dock extension linux plank unix
Jan 05 2014


Gnome Shell Themes by Devilzk
This theme aims to provide a simplistic, clean look for the shell. It's colour is designed around a blue style, dark in places and light in others. It's just something I cooked up in my spare time. If you like it, great! Thanks for checking it out! To achieve the font globally, you...
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Dec 19 2013

JEY!style Icons

Full Icon Themes by jackric
KDE4 Icon Theme
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Aug 18 2009

elementary Gnome Panel mod 12.04

GTK3/4 Themes by Dolsilwa
Here it is - eGtk for Classic Gnome Session. Package includes: gtk theme. metacity theme and emerald theme. To install extract .zip file, then extract .tar.gz file and folder that was in .tar.gz copy to .themes folder (hidden in your home folder). I know that control center looks bad,...
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 21 2012


GTK3/4 Themes by nissl
This is my actual dark GTK3/2 theme. Adwaita modified for GTK3 and Elegant GTK modified for GTK2.
gnome linux theme unix
Mar 17 2012