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ElementaryViper Luna (3 & 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
I was just finding a way to improve on elementary viper before making it usable for gnome 3.2 when i caught a glimpse DanRabbit's Luna Desktop [link] so i decided to make this because i really liked how it looked. NOTE: this theme uses droid sans NOTE 2: to get this theme working with...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Oct 15 2011

GNOME Shell - X3ME

Gnome Shell Themes by ALEX3ME
[b]Infos:[/b] This is my very first GNOME Shell theme, it was possible with the huge help of half-left. 6 variants included: Gnome, Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and KDE Hope you enjoy it Wallpaper: Creating vs creating by Dimo Trifonov (desktopography 2010) Icons: Elementary icons by...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Aug 16 2011

AzenisBuntu plymouth themes

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
AzenisBuntu #----------------------------------------------- how to use: open your terminal: go to : cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/AzenisBuntu/ ./ (note : *** = is a your user directory, so change it as your name) and then: sudo...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Aug 09 2011

MIB Ossigeno Ultimate Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by emanueleeeee
INSTRUCTION (tested on Mandriva 2010.1) : extract the folder and copy as root in /usr/share/plymouth/themes Open the terminal, login as root and type: plymouth-set-default-theme...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Dec 23 2010

Docky with stacks *.deb package

Docky Themes by algalord
This package will remove docky and install this docky version with stacks. I have created this package because when I compiled "stacks" it was hard to find all dependencies and with a *.deb all is easyer. If you want to remove this version and reinstall docky without stacks: 1) $ sudo...
dock docky extension linux unix
Dec 10 2010

- Icon Menu v2 -

GnoMenu Skins by martinsarti
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Nov 27 2010

Darkness-mod theme for DockbarX

DockbarX Themes by KEIII
Modification Darkness theme for DockbarX by Adamantis. Panel size recommended: 31px Install: copy .tar.gz file in ~/.dockbarx/themes/
dock dockbarx extension linux unix
Nov 19 2010