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malys - glassy

Gnome Shell Themes by malys777
⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ [b]if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...[/b] [url][/url] ⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ ► font "ubuntu light " can be easily changed in gnome-shell.css ...
theme unix linux gnome gnome-shell
May 31 2012


Metacity Themes by ECHM
Blended is a simple theme designed to blend in with the menu bar to create a smooth appearance. The theme was designed with the Clearlooks GTK2 theme in mind, but works well with other themes that have plain menu bars. Inculdes 4 theme variations: Blended ( Top corners...
unix linux
Jan 09 2006

Lucigence Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by simmesimme
My best desktop so far. Here are the links, thanks a lot to all the creators! Ubuntu 10.10. Wallpaper: [url][/url] GTK- and...
screenshot linux unix gnome
Feb 26 2011

area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by redde
this is an icon set meant to be used with dark themes. It's based on servechilled's area.o42 icons (I found them awesome). NOTE: This version is explicitly meant to leave out application icons, they are too much! I hate when a menu list alternates custom icons with original ones and this...
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 01 2009

Griffin Embers Cursors

Cursors by jameshardy88
The default cursor theme for the Griffin Embers Suite. It is an orange remix of the obsidian cursor theme, as such all credit should go to the original author. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know how i can improve it
unix linux cursor
Mar 01 2009

elementary scrollbars for chrome

Various Gnome Stuff by conorsulli
A chrome extension I wrote up to match the non-native chrome scrollbars better with Dan rabbits elementary theme hope you guys like it!
unix linux extension gnome
Dec 01 2010

ATER Blue Mouse Theme

Cursors by coagen
This is the ATER Blue Mouse Theme I've been using for some time now. I just repackaged the original green version [url][/url] with the blue sources from the user's download page...
unix linux cursor
Nov 21 2008


Gnome Shell Themes by jackho
This is my first try at shell theming. I made this one out of a mix of the default gnome-shell theme and pieces taken from ~SkiesOfAzel's Atolm which is cool by the way :-) Only for 3.2x, it feels better with clear wallpapers, mine is bodhi linux E17 wallpaper and AwOken icon theme.
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Dec 25 2011

Brushed Metallica

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
My 2nd Shell theme created with visualization of textures (1st one is wood n tux). The theme was inspired by the wonderful metal mega pack wall created by illnanny which you can find it here => Requirements: a)...
theme unix linux gnome gnome-shell
Dec 10 2011

MLP: Bootsplash is Magic - Vinyl Scratch

Plymouth Themes by Schiwi
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plymouth Bootsplash Vinyl Scratch version Thanks to the GIF-Maker for the Picture To install on *ubuntu, extract the file and run as sudo cp -R ./vinyl /lib/plymouth/themes/ ln -sf /lib/plymouth/themes/vinyl/vinyl.plymouth...
unix linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Dec 08 2011