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Requested Kicker Background

Kicker Panel by shanuxnox
This was requested by Q3Xr2. You can change the color with gimp pretty easily. I made it by copying the graphics on a konqueror window. I just opened on up, snapped a screenshot and gimped it out of there. I know... thats cheating. As to the other question on my change post, I didn't have...
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Nov 23 2002

Atlas Green Kicker BG

Kicker Panel by Xanadu
This is nothing that's a real big deal, but I just thought I'd share it with y'all. It's a Keramick Style Kicker BG for teh Atlas Green color scheme (that not many people seem to use, but...). It's just a simple gradient, but it looks good. When I use Liquid I didn't really need one because...
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Nov 17 2002

Keramik background for kicker

Kicker Panel by Mohasr
this is a keramik background for kicker from XKeramik_gtk style
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Nov 13 2002

Keramik Kicker Skin

Kicker Panel by skyshadow
To install just cp -R * ~/.kde/share/apps/kicker/. or copy to wherever you keep your kde config stuff. To use these images open Control Center to LookNFeel --> Panel --> Look & Feel. Set background image to ~/.kde/share/apps/kicker/wallpapers/keramik_kicker.png. Then enable background tiles...
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Nov 08 2002

Kicker GNOME icon

Kicker Panel by Mohasr
My frist content in kde-look it is a small icon for kicker background made by the gimp :) INSTALL: panel -> preferences -> Look & Feel -> enable background image ;-) ("i know that this is gnome icon but i like it ;) ")
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Sep 27 2002

Striped backgrounds for Kicker

Kicker Panel by alex-
Striped backgrounds for Kicker in 14 colors. How to install: 1. download and save zip archive 2. extract files 3. click on the K (start) / Configure Panel / Preferences 4. in the window that appears go to the "Look & Feel" and choose "Enable Background Image" 5. click on the browse icon...
unix linux kicker extension dock
Aug 07 2002

Fresh Blue Kicker with Stripes

Kicker Panel by alex-
Just another backround for KDE kicker. How to install: 1. download and save file with background 2. click on the K (start) / Configure Panel / Preferences 3. in the window that appears go to the "Look & Feel" and choose "Enable Background Image" 4. click on the browse icon and select ...
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Aug 02 2002

Metallic Kicker Backgrounds

Kicker Panel by sabrex
A collection of 50x50 PNG background images to be used for the kicker background. The screenshots show the silver, gold, and bronze metallic color schemes. Dark and light variations of the backgrounds seen in the screenshots are included in the package. Please read the included README for...
unix dock extension linux kicker
Jul 15 2002

Translucency Kicker patch

Kicker Panel by teax
These are patches to add translucency kicker to keramik and highcolor style. Extract the file to kdelibs/kstyles/[stylename] and then type: patch -p0 -i transkicker-[stylename].patch && make && make install. There isn't a kcm module and so if you wish to configure the translucency you must...
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Jun 16 2002

Marble Kicker Backgrounds

Kicker Panel by Markus
Kicker backgrounds in Aqua Gel style. Fits best with Liquid-like themes. If you don't know what to do, read the INSTALL file after untarring.
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May 29 2002