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Gnome Shell Themes by jackho
This is my first try at shell theming. I made this one out of a mix of the default gnome-shell theme and pieces taken from ~SkiesOfAzel's Atolm which is cool by the way :-) Only for 3.2x, it feels better with clear wallpapers, mine is bodhi linux E17 wallpaper and AwOken icon theme.
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Dec 25 2011

Brushed Metallica

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
My 2nd Shell theme created with visualization of textures (1st one is wood n tux). The theme was inspired by the wonderful metal mega pack wall created by illnanny which you can find it here => Requirements: a)...
theme unix linux gnome gnome-shell
Dec 10 2011

MLP: Bootsplash is Magic - Vinyl Scratch

Plymouth Themes by Schiwi
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plymouth Bootsplash Vinyl Scratch version Thanks to the GIF-Maker for the Picture To install on *ubuntu, extract the file and run as sudo cp -R ./vinyl /lib/plymouth/themes/ ln -sf /lib/plymouth/themes/vinyl/vinyl.plymouth...
unix linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Dec 08 2011


Full Icon Themes by systemx
Gant icon set for Xfce 4.4 Original work by: Paul "mattahan" Davey
unix linux icon-theme
Aug 04 2007

Tronny - 2.0

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
First and Foremost, this theme is not my original. This is just a modification of one of the best themes for gnome-shell - "Tron Legacy" by half-left. You can find the original here => its a beautiful theme and i...
gnome-shell gnome theme unix linux
Oct 22 2011


Full Icon Themes by hammergom
This is a complete system set for KDE. I have assembled this set from icons by Everaldo, Louie Mantia and me. I used Louie Mantia's mimetype and folder icons as a template. Also included in this set are the most beautiful Open Office icons on the planet created by Mike Moschini aka gryphen who...
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 18 2007

GNOME Shell - X3ME

Gnome Shell Themes by ALEX3ME
[b]Infos:[/b] This is my very first GNOME Shell theme, it was possible with the huge help of half-left. 6 variants included: Gnome, Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and KDE Hope you enjoy it Wallpaper: Creating vs creating by Dimo Trifonov (desktopography 2010) Icons: Elementary icons by...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Aug 16 2011

AzenisBuntu plymouth themes

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
AzenisBuntu #----------------------------------------------- how to use: open your terminal: go to : cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/AzenisBuntu/ ./ (note : *** = is a your user directory, so change it as your name) and then: sudo...
unix bootscreen splashscreen plymouth linux
Aug 09 2011


Full Icon Themes by iconcubiccom
Once there was a country which lead by a council called Soviet ruled our planet with United States over 50 years before it collapsed.Let us recollect some pieces of this red-empire. CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-ROM,DVD-RW,DVD-Vedio,DVD+R,DVD+RW,External,Firewire HD,Internal,Removeable,USB...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 30 2006

Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes by tiheum
A heavily modified version of the beautiful Aurora engine (1.4). Thanks to his author. [b]IMPORTANT![/b] Since version 1.40, the file below contains only the engine source. You can download themes (both GTK and Metacity) from the second and third links : - The five Equinox Evolution themes...
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Apr 27 2011