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Full Icon Themes by Thalic
Delight icon theme version 1.1 comes in three colors; Blue, Green and Red for Gnome, XFCE and Budgie DE. For GTK and Gnome Shell themes, please visit my github page at; [url][/url] Tested on Zorin 16 Pro/Core/Lite & Fedora 37 Workstation
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 19 2023

Shiny buttons

Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Shiny buttons. Modification Icon theme Square by EepSetiawan. In this theme there are also icons and others, they are listed in the index. There are all icons for programs from the repositories Debian 9-10-11, Debian Sid, Atrix, AntiX, MX Linux, Deepin, Solus, Antergos, Ubuntu...
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 19 2023


Full Icon Themes by Thalic
SuperNova is a text based icon theme for Gnome based on my Black Viper icon set for Gnome.
icon-theme linux text unix
Feb 23 2023


Full Icon Themes by joseskvolpe
Modern and intuitive foxy furry red skeuomorphic iconset. It's recommended to install these iconsets alongside: *Oxygen *Gnome *Obsidian (Optional, slight recommended):
aero fox furry icon-theme linux red skeuomorph unix
Feb 25 2023

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
classic Windows 2000 ! => Windows 2000 ( with w2k, win2000 or blacky find it.. in the plasma thememanager ;) ) Scalable Windows 2000 Icons for KDE4, Plasma and Gnome from the W2K Theme from the past to have a bit technical Style for Linux from the past times that's why...
blacky icon-theme linux unix w2k win2000
Feb 15 2023

Windows XP scalable icontheme

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
Windows XP KDE real XP Let There be ... Classic ! Scalable XP Icons for KDE4 and Plasma from - Letz there be Classic ! There exist also an Win2000 theme, search easy for "blacky" had make it as a more "Technical" Surface :) so then there for Linux have FuN FolkĀ“s For Konsole ...
blacky windowsxp xp winxp linux unix icon-theme
Feb 15 2023

NineIcons Redux

Full Icon Themes by aitees
An icon theme in the style of Apple's Mac OS 9. I used Grassmunk's excellent NineIcons icon set as a starting point, but I've added many new icons and fixed symbolic links for KDE Plasma. This theme isn't aimed at being a 100% faithful recreation of Mac OS, but it does give the feel of classic...
mac apple retro platinum os9 linux unix icon-theme
Feb 16 2023

Real Time Icontheme for KDE4 and Plasma from Blackysgate

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
2022.10.13-21-37 : Have add the index.theme for the more new Plasma compatibility, but i have leave the old index.desktop for have downward compatibility :) Index.desktop and index.theme is now inside.. both ! a Iconpack who i had make collages from diffrent pictures .. any Icons who i had make...
blacky blackysgate icon-theme icons icontheme linux realtime unix
Feb 15 2023


Full Icon Themes by pieter
Flat icon theme. Composed of icons from other themes that are managed and often edited. Tested on Plasma Neon and Ubuntu To install in Gnome unpack in the ~/.icons folder. Install in Plasma unpack in ~/.local/share/icons
linux unix icon-theme
Jan 24 2023

OE3-Icon Pack

Full Icon Themes by open222
[B] OE3-Icon Pack [/B] OE3-Icon Pack look like apple icons. it has a colorful icon more than 700+. based on SVG format. Based on [B] Flat Remix ICON [/B] [URL= ][/URL] inspired by [B] Cupertino iCons Collection [/B]...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 24 2023