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Windows 7 Look

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter
If you’re into the Windows 7 hype and using Ubuntu, why not download the Windows 7 transformation pack. It includes everything you will need to give your Ubuntu a ‘Windows 7.
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Dec 17 2010


GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter
RECOMMEND TO INSTALL Mac4Lin RC 1.0 FIRST! -for icons, cursors, sounds wall etc etc. RECOMMEND TO USE GLOBAL MENU, and enable Main Menu... Fonts are Pre-set., including font sizes. You can not change it using Appearance Properties. To retain user control of fonts, remove font references...
unix theme gtk2 gnome linux
Oct 22 2010

Polar Theme - Preview 5

Full Icon Themes by conteXx
Just a Preview of my first icontheme- Feedback welcome ;) Thx goes to: "Dux" from for the Skype and µtorrent icon. And "gabriel c". for an account on =), big thx 4 that! And to everybody for their comments =)
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Feb 23 2007