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mcOS Dock Default Colors

Cairo-Dock Themes by fkorpsvart
Themes elaborated to have the appearance of the popular macOS Dock. I hope you enjoy them. Importing themes in Cairo Dock There are two ways to import the themes in Cairo Dock, both very easy to do. >>> First way. The first way is extracting the files from the .tar.gz package and...
dock cairo cairo-dock extension gnome unix kde macos linux
Jun 28 2019

Radioactive Cursor Scheme

Cursors by isylumn
Four cursor schemes based on the international sign for radiation. How to Install cursors 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ 2 sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 3. Select theme from Start>Settings>Appearance And select cursors from Start>Settings>Mouse and TouchPad
cursor yellow radiaton linux unix
Mar 23 2019

Adwaita Next icon theme

Full Icon Themes by mildwild
Adwaita Next icon theme for GNOME folder and mime...
gnome unix icon-theme linux
Dec 09 2018

Mint Leaf Cursor Theme

Cursors by isylumn
DMZ based Linux Mint Logo variation cursor theme How to Install Linux Mint cursors 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 2. Select theme from Start>Settings>Mouse and TouchPad
cursor cursors linux mint leaf unix
Feb 12 2019

Ulauncher Themes

Plank Themes by fkorpsvart
Ulauncher is an App Launcher similar to Spotlight in macOS. So, I've created some themes with the color scheme of macOS Mojave, Dark and Light, to match with the desktop with macOS Themes for Linux; Really, with any kind of themes, of course }:). Hope you like it... };) --Things to...
linux macos mojave plank ulauncher unix gnome extension dock
Jan 08 2019

Age Of Systems - Digital Adventures Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by ankalagon
This is a Plymouth theme based on the game "Age of Conan". I tested it only with a 1280x1024 resolution. If there are issues with other resolutions, please let me know. How to customize it, just read the file.
age conan bootscreen unix systems splashscreen plymouth linux of
Dec 04 2018

FireFox Gnome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by Hemoo023
This is a bunch of CSS code to make Firefox 57+ look closer to GNOME's default theme. It styles the UI and internal Firefox' pages like about: and view-source:. Both light and dark variants are supported. The master branch is currently tracking Firefox 59. If you need support for older...
gnome extension linux unix
Apr 21 2018

Alan Walker GDM Themes

GDM Themes by dindinG41TR3
Alan Walker GDM Themes by dindin@G41TR3 Login Themes for Linux Mint 18 / 18.1 Cinnamons editions / Mate Editions Based : Winux10 Image from kookitoo : Realease New Versions : 1.0 README PLEASE!!!!! How to install Login...
linux unix
Jan 11 2017