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Carapace 40

Gnome Shell Themes by hackan301
***************************************************************************************** Finally updated Carapace for Gnome 40! As usual I spend a lot of time and energy on the details, every pixel needs to be just right. Carapace aims to do one thing; Make Gnome Shell as sexy as it can...
minimalism dark elementary smooth polished linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Aug 06 2021

-C Series Cursros

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition : =============== Silver-c is a cursor's theme inspired by Faenza-Darkest status icons. Dark-C is a modified version of silver-c but in dark colors and small size. Light-C is a modified version of Dark-C but in light colors. Hack-C is is a modified version of Dark-C but in black and...
light silver linux hack cursor dark unix
Aug 01 2021

Bibata Rainbow

Cursors by Kaiz
[b]Bibata[/b] Cursor Theme with [b]semi-animated[/b] rainbow colours. This Cursor is built with [b][url=]clickgen[/url][/b] and render with the [b][url=]puppeteer[/url][/b]. [color=#ff0000][b]NOTES...
animated bibata cursor linux unix xcursors
Jul 25 2021

Adwaita Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by Initu
Gnome-Shell Adwaita Theme adapted for Ubuntu-Desktop 20.04 for those who like the Adwaita Theme.
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Jul 22 2021

McCrouz iCons

Full Icon Themes by umayanga
Created just for fun. Based on [URL=] Cupertino-Catalina iCons theme from Cupertino iCons Collection [/URL] Credit goes to the real creator of places (folder) icons and I don't know/remember the creator. I'm sorry for that.
unix linux macos macosx osx icon-theme apple
Mar 29 2021

Yaru-Mint theme pack

GTK3/4 Themes by Initu
Theme based on Yaru with classic colors inspired by Linux Mint.
unix theme linux gnome
Feb 14 2021

Ubuntu Touch for Ubuntu 20.04

Gnome Shell Themes by Brahimsalem
- to move move “Show Applications” button from bottom to top in launcher run: gsettings set show-apps-at-top true Use this to undo it: gsettings set show-apps-at-top false Why should we place the logo in...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Jan 17 2021

Treepata - High contrast

Full Icon Themes by Treepata
Treepata - High Contrast - is based on the Xfce High Contrast icon theme, and developed for the Xfce environment. It attempts to include as many icons as possible (+2000), to create a unified look for your Linux system. -------------------- After having used the standard Xfce/Xubuntu icon...
unix treepata xfce white black linux icon-theme icons
Dec 29 2020


Gnome Shell Themes by Brahimsalem
- icon theme: - wallpaper: - gtk +cinnamon themes included - Cinnamon wallpaper included - to move move “Show Applications” button from bottom to top in launcher run: gsettings set org...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Dec 13 2020


GTK3/4 Themes by kanehekili
A GTK2/GTK3 Theme that has been derived from an old Gnomish-Grey and an ancient Greybird theme, tweaked for GTK 3.18 and completely rewritten for GTK3.22. The theme has been tested on Gnome 3.22+, XFCE and and Cinnmon 18 (3.18) and 19 (3.19). Works with compiz. Download the appropriate Version...
linux gnome gradients greybird theme unix xfce
Dec 05 2020