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Bread Cursors

Cursors by KenVermette
Crisp crumbly hoppy buttery cursors for the bread lovin' pointer wiggler.
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Sep 09 2017

Old office cursors

Cursors by jeanne-pontarlier
Steampunk theme of cursors around an old office. Two sizes: 24px and 48px The fine and perforated pointer is very precise, to do one pixel selections or writes. A little victorian girl help you, notify to you or forbbid to you. To resize or split your windows, office objects are used (paper...
cursor linux unix
Aug 11 2017

DMZ with Yellow Background Multisized

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]DMZy[/b]ellow[b]b[/b]ackground[/i] is a X11 mouse theme multisized to 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels, and is a modification of popular and marvelous mouse theme called [i]"DMZ"[/i][b]. I have tested it under ElementaryOS Luna and works great[/b]. I added it symlinks for some cursors...
cursor linux unix
Mar 09 2014


Cursors by madman2k
this is basically the same as the other jimmac theme, which lacked the plus cursor and had a non working question_arrow. This one corrects the flaws. I also remade the question_arrow, with the PolarCursors in mind, since I dint like Jimmacs version.
cursor linux unix
Sep 01 2005

Resizeable Tux Cursor!

Cursors by MasterSeven
so here is another improved version of TuxCursor. i decided to make a completely new upload because the look of tux has changed. the face is now more like the original tux, as requested. but personally i prefer the agressive look of tux in the original cursor. on the other side this...
cursor linux unix
Mar 17 2003