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Full Icon Themes by Rokin
Icon-pack for KDE Darkine (or dark themes) based on the official Breeze theme as well and as on the Papyrus theme for the icons of action bar. You'll be able to get the full theme collection here : [URL=][b]Darkine collection[/b][/URL]. The theme / collection...
unix kde icon-theme plasma linux dark-theme darkine dark
May 17 2019


Full Icon Themes by Arcanjobra
#===== Ubuntu Orange Machine ==========# Version Beta 0.9 Copy paste ./icons/ or /usr/share/icons This version tested ubuntu 15.04 at 17.04 Comments --- If need help ---
linux icon-theme unix
Sep 22 2017

Abridged Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by gnastyle2
A simple and clean icon theme based on Breeze. Most of the apps in this theme were merged upstream and now are part of Breeze. Same for some mimetypes (except for the colorus). 27-10-2016 From now on it's officially a fork. I don't like the direction for mimetypes breeze has taken. This...
unix icon-theme linux
Sep 27 2016

Ubuntu Flat Remix

Full Icon Themes by Feichtmeier
Update 0.4 adding more icons, fixing some others :) ___________________________________ Update 0.3 slowly adding missing icons, starting with focus writer mypaint and some other changes ___________________________________ Update 0.2: *panel icons are now mixed more with...
unix linux icon-theme
May 31 2016


Full Icon Themes by amorpher
Fixed Windows Icon Theme //Screenshot — Play Font
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 02 2015

KFaenza v0.8.9 - actions icons patch

Full Icon Themes by donpedro69
Hi all KFaenza users! This is replacement for icons shown on buttons (KFaenza/actions/16 and 22). I created also many corrections to symlinks. I recommend backup your KFaenza/actions folder first! To install just run as user (if you have installed KFaenza in user dir): tar -xvzf...
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 01 2014

Crysis Warhead

Full Icon Themes by tuxkernel
Crysis Warhead GTK Icon Theme by Tuxkernel Based in SE-Interface-V2_Red by Naf71 Graphic installation: Right click on the desktop and select "change background". Now go to "Theme" and select "Install". Select...
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 28 2014


Full Icon Themes by cedl38
A icon theme based on Tango recolored folders and some parts of Faenza, gnome, ubo icons, elementary... Depends on : - gnome-icon-theme. Variants : - Zen-dark-panel for dark panel. - Zen-dark for dark themes.
icon-theme linux unix
May 05 2013

Calibre Sphere icon Set

Full Icon Themes by potzblitz7
This is a extension of my Sphere icon theme 1.2 for Calibre. It replaces the original icons with parts of the Sphere icon theme. It works well, but you have to copy the icons every time after updating the program, so the best way is to make a base folder where you place these icons.
linux icon-theme unix
Oct 11 2012

Hydronium iconset

Full Icon Themes by beykex
Before anything: Sorry for my bad English! Hydronium is an icon theme made by mixing many icons from different themes. Icons are colorful and have a professional design, so it is a very clean and beautiful set. It is inspired on Crystal Project, Oxygen and Mac OSX icons. More information...
linux icon-theme unix
Sep 07 2011