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K-High-Delight+K-Art-Delight (New)

Full Icon Themes by olegvbal
Icons for Plasma 5. A set of icons contains [b]4 284[/b] icon. Also add a package in a similar style, but with artistic decoration. [b]K-Art-Delight[/b] To install: 1. Copy the extracted folder at: [i]~/.kde/share/icons/[/i] 2. Copy the extracted folder to: [i]/usr/share/icons/[/i]...
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 26 2014


Full Icon Themes by pawanyadav
KotenZA Icon Theme Based on Potenza & Awoeken Icon Themes. Credit goes to developer of Potenza and Awoken icons theme & Me :) Special thanks to Uri Adonay Herrera (Developer of Nitrux Icon Theme). Tested and created on KDE Version 4.10.5
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 25 2013


Full Icon Themes by gokcen
A brand new icon theme for KDE 4 designed by Banu ├ľnal. Please issue bugs about icon theme to address.
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 14 2012

JEY!style Remix

Full Icon Themes by Deathmachine
This is a modified version of JEY!style, Changing mimtype icons, Adding new icons for applications like Amarok, Change kickoff application launcher's icons, Replace existed icons with the higher quality icons and much more, Enjoy.
unix linux icon-theme
Feb 26 2012

elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes by DanRabbit
[b]Like Jet Fighters and Punching.[/b] This release is loaded will all kinds of whoopass. This is that next level that shows why elementary is different from the competition. More and better monochromes, more and better mimetypes, more and better apps. Not to mention this release marks the...
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 09 2010