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GoldBars GTK+ 2 theme

GTK2 Themes by jasong-designs
The GoldBars GTK2 theme is part of a collection with stylish 3-D buttons and gold monochromatic colors. [b]Download/Installation[/b] Installation instructions are on the theme's GitHub page: [url][/url]. Wallpaper background:...
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Oct 08 2018

A Theme by Aubrey for Fedora

GTK2 Themes by aubreybourke
A GTK2 Murrine Engine Theme Contains: my4.4LG gtk2 theme Elementary icon theme 2.7.1 by Dan Rabbit
unix theme linux gnome gtk2 aubrey
Feb 02 2018

Trollwut Pink Dark

GTK2 Themes by Trollwut
There aren't many pink themes out there, especially dark ones. So I set one up quickly. It's a very dark one with high-contrast pink (and then shades of that). In the screenshots I use the "Dots Theme" found here: Used font is "Fira Sans". It has been...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Dec 03 2016