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AWN Theme CreaLight

AWN Themes by jeremi360
Light Theme for Avant Window Navigator inspired my Hux icon Theme
unix linux extension dock awn
Jun 29 2011


AWN Themes by helmuthdu
Zukitwo Theme [url][/url] for Avant-Window-Navigator
linux dock extension awn unix
Jun 06 2011

Arthur\'s AWN Theme

AWN Themes by arthurchan
extension awn dock unix linux
Apr 12 2011

OttifantSir's Mix for AWN

AWN Themes by OttifantSir
I messed around with my settings, and for the first time I was happy with what I had done. It's a theme for a dark desktop, or as I like to think of mine: Unobtrusive. Don't know how to solve the problem with the middle and right dock overlapping. Anyone wanting to do the coding for that,...
unix dock awn extension linux
Mar 27 2011

AWN THEME MITPA (Mi Tema para Avant)

AWN Themes by lordcaos888
This is my first theme for Avant Window Navigator, enjoy!.. ----------------------------------------- Mi primer Tema para el navegador de ventanas Avant, espero que lo disfruten..
extension dock awn unix linux
Mar 07 2011

AWN THEME MITPA2 (Mi Tema para Avant2)

AWN Themes by lordcaos888
This is my second theme for avant windows navigator, enjoy!!
extension dock awn linux unix
Mar 07 2011

AWN Janus Theme

AWN Themes by JanusDC
A simple and polished theme. [b]To change the font color of the notification messages[/b] (for example, to have them in black) you can do the following: Execute gconf-editor Go to /apps/awn-applet-notification-daemon and change whatever you want (suggestion, change the key "text_colour"...
linux extension awn dock unix
Mar 04 2011

branco lucido awn theme

AWN Themes by enraim
este tema funcionara a penas na versão do awn 0.4.1 ou superior his theme will work only on version awn 0.4.1 or higher você também pode fazer uma doação para a empresa lynex para manter vários projetos Linux you can also make a donation to the company lynex to maintain several projects for...
unix linux extension dock awn
Feb 26 2011

Floaty Panel......AWN theme

AWN Themes by Votritis
To make it look like the preview you have to install "awn applets extras" I use applets with this order: [AWN Main Menu]-[File Browser Launcher]-[Separator]-[Launcher/Taskmanager]-[Expander]-[Notification Area]-[Seperator]-[Digital Clock]. Panel offset at the advanced options has to be...
extension dock awn unix linux
Feb 25 2011

AWN Ambiance Variant

AWN Themes by sdsoldi
My second theme for AWN To install: Download it, open AWN dock preferences, go to themes, click install, and select the theme package
unix extension awn dock linux
Feb 13 2011