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LIQUID Desktop [new color enhancements this update]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
LIQUID is a flat, dark-mode theme with transparent elements, and high contrast hues. This new theme accommodates GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon desktop environments. THREE COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: TURQUOISE, SLATE & INK LIQUID is grounded on the Arc theme, ranked as the...
arc colors dark flat high-contrast linux unix theme gnome
Nov 18 2023

FRESH - A Material Design Theme [updated color elements]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
FRESH is a new GTK, xfwm4, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon light-mode Desktop theme. The FRESH theme is based on Material Design standards, and aims to bring a clean, colorful, and elegant experience to your desktop. Users will find their non-intrusive color just where they need it. Manual...
linux unix theme gnome light colors material rounded
Nov 17 2023

Buuf For Many Desktops

Full Icon Themes by nestort
[b]Buuf For Many Desktops[/b] icon set (formerly known as "Buuf Nestort", I've decided to remove my alias from the theme's name) This is a fairly complete set of icons for Gnome, KDE Plasma, XFCE, Mate and LXQT (including actions, apps, categories, devices, emblems, emotes, mimetypes, places...
mattahan irony drawing non-flat icon-theme linux unix
Nov 16 2023

material-black COLORS Complete Desktop

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
material-black COLORS is a GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon- Dark Mode Theme with matching Icons and Folders. The material-black COLORS theme is based on Material Design standards and aims to bring a warm, colorful, and elegant experience to your desktop. Black-on-black-on-black...
linux unix theme gnome dark multicolor icons matching folders
Nov 15 2023

Buuf Plasma

Full Icon Themes by phob1an
Buuf is artwork originally drawn by mattahan [] and modified by Shirakawasuna []. I am maintaining a version of it for Plasma 5. You can help by letting me know which icons are missing. This is used in my Psion Global Theme:...
linux unix icon-theme
Nov 12 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
1.0 > #Oxi Dark + #Oxi Light + #Oxi Green + #Oxi Grey 2.0 > #Oxi Grey Wolf + #Oxi Navy + #Oxi Maya + #Oxi Rust 3.0 > #Oxi Cardinal + #Oxi Green Grass + #Oxi Violet + #Oxi Yellow 4.0 > #Oxi Café au lait + #Oxi Cobalt + #Oxi Jungle Green + #Oxi Ruby 5.0 > #Oxi Champagne + #Oxi Dark ...
plank dock plankdock macos linux unix extension
Nov 13 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
1.0 > #BigSur + #BigSur-Dark 2.0 > #BigSur-Grey + #BigSur-Green 3.0 > #BigSur-Maya + #BigSur-Rust 4.0 > #BigSur-Light Fade Out + #BigSur-Dark Fade Out 5.0 > #BigSur-Grey Fade Out + #BigSur-Rust Fade Out
plank plankdock macos bigsur mojave linux unix extension dock
Nov 13 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
For this theme, it is advisable to use rounded icon themes for a better end result. 1.0 > #Volt-Dark + #Volt-Light + #Volt-Gray + #Volt-Rust 2.0 > #Volt-Green + #Volt-Red + #Volt-Violet + #Volt-Yellow 3.0 > #Volt-Grey Wolf + #Volt-Navy + #Volt-Champagne + #Volt-Maya 4.0 >...
plank plankdock gnome xfce mate linux unix extension dock
Nov 13 2023

Abyss-Complete-Desktop [new color enhancements this update]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
Abyss is a flat, dark-mode theme with a few transparent elements. Abyss is built on a unique, wholly customized platform utilizing a careful blend of both Modern-Numix and Material Design formats. There are plenty of apps, still out there, built on older formats than what Material can correctly...
multicolor dark material numix icons linux unix theme gnome
Nov 13 2023

PUNK-Theme 4-Flavor Desktop [more color animations]

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
Descriptions of the PUNK-Theme range from "easy to see," "slightly disturbed," "funky," "somehow elegant," "unhinged," "fun," "outrageous," to just "wow." They are probably all very correct statements. This theme set showcases four Material Design color variations which exactly match their...
dark multicolor punk-theme gradient neon linux unix theme gnome
Nov 12 2023