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Tagged Penguin

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
A Plymouth splash in which a tagged penguin illustrates the boot process. The design is a recreation of the artwork by Daniele Garau 2013. To install... $ sudo cp -i -r ./Downloads/plymouth-theme/tagged-penguin/ /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo...
plymouth penguin linux splashscreen bootscreen extinction unix tags
Feb 17 2019


Plymouth Themes by isylumn
Animated Linux Mint boot splash in which power couplers are energized # Steps to Install and select Plymouth theme sudo apt-get install plymouth-themes sudo cp -i -r ./Downloads/plymouth-theme/mintricity/ /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ sudo update-alternatives --install...
bootscreen coupler unix splashscreen linux mint plymouth power
Feb 13 2019

Elegant-Gold & Elegant-Silver

Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A well balanced transparent shell theme with Gold or silver accents . Active hover and system buttons match "Adwaita"With Timed Transition Colors . Well it was created from Glass-Gnome :) Most of the modifications can be found here ...
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Nov 11 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A Dark Glass Transparent Shell theme For Arc-Dark and Arc-Darker. Toggle Assets Reworked from Arc-Dark . Assets from Other sources "css" is Reworked from "Numix Gnome Shell 3.28 " by jcarle . Updated to work with the "Yaru" icon-set Updated with transition timings for "Ubuntu 18-10"...
linux gnome gnome-shell unix theme
Oct 23 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A transparent shell theme Created from "Dark-Glass-Pro " Created to reveal your desktop not hide it . "hints" are in a "read me" file in the theme folder . move to desktop and extract the theme to your home/.themes folder or as admin computer/user/share/themes. I have included the...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Oct 23 2018

Blue lagoon plank theme

Plank Themes by madcap
aquaish theme for your plank dock.
dock extension themes unix plank linux
Nov 04 2018

New York at noon blue

Cairo Clock by RobotCopy
Time around the world Based on Liberty
linux world time unix extension cairo-clock
Jun 10 2018


Full Icon Themes by DelsaDj
Exagonal icon themes v0.12 The colors that I have chosen for these icons are taken from combinations of interior furnishings and paintings that go out of fashion lately, because I want to make your desktop a welcoming place! Hope you like it!! As always you can write your feedback in the...
unix linux icon-theme kde
Mar 27 2018

Ubuntu 1710 Screenshot Gn Silver Shadow Icons

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Ubuntu 1710 Screenshot Gn Silver Shadow Icons The download contains a text file with the links to the latest versions of the Theme and Icons. The wallpaper used is also included.
gnome unix linux screenshot
Nov 24 2017

Ubuntu 1710 Screenshot Gnome OSX With Links

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Ubuntu Gnome 1710 Gnome OSX Screenshot The Download contains a text file with all the links to the current version of the themes and the wallpaper used. I used the latest Gnome OSX from PaulXFCE I used the latest Obsidian Icons
gnome linux screenshot unix
Nov 16 2017