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Lighthouse linux

GRUB Themes by corto44
Lighthouse lightening your menu Plymouth theme available [ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]
blue bootscreen burg dark grub lighthouse linux see splashscreen unix
Dec 11 2019


Full Icon Themes by dannya
Release 8 of the monochrome iconset, sync'd with latest kdeaccessibility/IconThemes/mono/ SVN. Danny
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 18 2018

NeonPanda Arc Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by mold
A neon green and purple high contrast theme based off the original Arc theme. GPLv3 license. Arc is a flat theme with transparent elements for GTK 3, GTK 2 and GNOME Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like GNOME, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, Xfce, MATE, Cinnamon, etc....
dark gnome green hacker linux neon theme unix
May 14 2019

Black Diamonds

Lightly animated cursors
cursor linux unix
Dec 13 2017

Fat Beef Cursor

Cursors by darkeye90
Introduction: - Fat Beef is a cursors theme that I've converted and modified from fat cow icons set. ======================= size: 16x16 : available. 32x32 : available. check preview 2 ======================= Credits: fatcow icons
cursor cursors freebsd linux theme unix
Nov 22 2018

Cyana-3D V2 and Cyana

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Cyana-3D V2 and Cyana back again with improvements and reduced file sizes. I have never claimed to be the greatest theme creator and never will. I just do my very best to show my vision of what I believe a desktop in 2017 approaching 2018 should look like. Flat and plain, not here, always...
gnome linux theme unix
Dec 06 2017

Persona 3 in 1 Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by mshid
A Simple and Elegant Plymouth that Reflects You UPDATE !!! version 2.5 Whats New ?? - At Release.txt How to install (from file manager) - Download zip file - Extract - Run How to install (from Terminal) git clone...
bootscreen desktop linux plymouth splashscreen theme ubuntu unix
Dec 28 2018

Win7-like icon theme, now for Gnome-3x

Full Icon Themes by bisoft
Updated some icons for the menu of Cinnamon 1.6.x and KDE 4.9 I use Mint/Kubuntu 64 : so added new scalable icon-packs + weather for KDE ... Added xfce icon-pack also. -------------------- -2012- I have added yet another icon-pack, a bit larger, but VERY Full; made it work on both GNOME...
icon-theme linux unix
Jan 20 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Lay down your guns and hold on tight We'll prove the world is wrong and get it rigt No need for you to worry now the best is yet to come Lay down your guns and stand up strong Above lyrics(Emerson, Lake and Powell) are meant to put an end to all Rude remarks and start a fresh beginning! I...
gnome linux theme unix
Jun 30 2014


Cursors by fnaax
Original work of pinchecl
cursor linux unix
Sep 01 2008