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Numix theme for calibre

Full Icon Themes by numixcalibre
Complete Numix icon theme for calibre! Icons taken from official Numix icon theme, some from Numix circle icon theme and some are mady by me. Looks amazing! Replace all the files in your Images folder with the files in the download. My image folder is at...
unix linux icon-theme
Dec 23 2014


Full Icon Themes by technoshaun
Release 5.06 This release finalizes updating icons. Though I did deprecate some Icons the next couple of releases will focus on the removal of all outdated, unneeded and deprecated Icons. I have added icons to match new needs of the various Desktop Environments, in particular KDE but XFCE,...
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 02 2014

Windows 8 Icons

Full Icon Themes by Ambiance-69
Windows 8 icons. After downloaded, extract the archive and put the new folder to /usr/share/icons (global) or ~/.icons (per-user).
unix linux icon-theme
Mar 02 2014

kfaenza icon theme patched up :)

Full Icon Themes by cumeja
I just merged all the patches and fixes from other contributors to the Kfaenza icon theme. None of this work is mine. I really like Kfaenza icon theme. I haven't found a better icon theme for KDE yet. so I thought to upload it complete and with the patches included. Kudos to the creator of...
unix linux icon-theme
Feb 21 2014

Just another Buuf Remix

Full Icon Themes by downward
This is just "another" buuf REmix. I used several icons from other Buuf icon themes and I made myself a lot of new ones. This icon theme were made for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Some icons are persistent, so you need to change it manually. - Original icons were made by mattahan...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 09 2013

The Circle

Full Icon Themes by exenatt
This icons set from The Circle icons for mac. if you install numix circle both The Circle icon must use missing icon form numix circle. install The Circle icons theme with AUR yaourt -S thecircle-icon-theme
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 21 2014

Kalahari-Dark ChocoDarkOrange

Full Icon Themes by Ocean-Sea
Kalahari-Dark ChocoDarkOrange ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ These icons are based on the icons: Kalahari-Icons-Ubuntu Artist: elgatonegro Name: Mariano Ramon...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 09 2013


Full Icon Themes by potzblitz7
This is my new Icon theme for gnome3. I use it with mediterranian night Theme and gnome 3 shell. It is based on icons by D.Arneaz, who has some great arts but only for windows...:-( So i hope you like this theme.. It is still in progress, maybe i will upload the psd files for your personal...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 10 2012

Crystal Elegance v1.0

Full Icon Themes by Lion-Gnu
In English 1- This is an adaptation of the icons Crystal Project for Ubuntu. 2- The 99% of the icons are of the original pack. 3- 128x128 icon Resolution. 4- Compatible with Ubuntu 9.10, 10.4, 10.10, 11.4. 5- The style of windows recommended to use these icons is KDE Oxygen, It...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 23 2011

Faiz icons theme

Full Icon Themes by pingsuters
Elegant Islamic icons for Sabily Linux. For some reason, many of my friend still borred with default icons on Sabily Distro... So, I'm try to make this icons theme, but still not complete. Important!!! This icons still not complete, need Faenza icons to work fine in your desktop. Here is the...
icon-theme linux unix
Dec 01 2010