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Equilux Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by ddnexus
The Equilux Theme provides a couple of full-dark, neutral-gray theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments. It supports GTK+ 3, GTK+ 2, GNOME Shell, Budgie, MATE, Unity, LightDM, GDM, Chrome theme, etc. It is not designed to be fancy, but to be useful for a few specific goals: -...
gnome linux unix theme ubuntu cinnamon metacity mate
Oct 29 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by paulxfce
[b]Manjarin[/b] This theme (which is a variation of my Telinkrin-theme) is made to blend with the Manjaro-Gnome-Edition. Nautilus and Tweak-tool have a new and modern look. And theming is persistent to the smallest detail. the shell-theme that blends well is the shell-theme of the...
telinkrin arrongin manjaro linux unix theme gnome
Apr 29 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by caezsar
A neon like theme for linux desktop packaged for debian distributions! Download the debian pack and install using gdebi or command line! For Ubuntu use Ubuntu Tweak -> Tweaks -> Theme and select Acvamarin for theme, Acvamarin for icons and Acvamarin-Cursors. The theme has two window...
gnome linux theme unix
Oct 10 2013