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Equinox Aurora Evo

GTK2 Themes by mucas
It's my 1st attempt to create a gtk theme. Theme made with Equinox and Aurora engines, the best gtk theme engines ever created. All credits go to their autors. -For use with Nautilus Elementary. Comment please!
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Nov 19 2010


GTK2 Themes by wombat277
Based on Radiance/Ambiance, the theme now links the menu and panel colors with the tooltips colors. All you need to do is start the Preferences->Appearance program and customise the colors. The text and background colors of tooltips are also used for the panel / menu colors. You can also...
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Oct 20 2010


GTK2 Themes by TiZ
[b][i]This theme requires Murrine 0.98 or Murrine from git.[/i][/b] [b]Do not install this theme using Gnome's appearance properties dialog![/b] Untar it manually to ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes. Otherwise, the Flow-Common folder will not be included, and it is absolutely...
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Oct 03 2010

The Days of Grays

GTK2 Themes by deusnova
A slight modification from the colors GTK suite by nale12. This GTK is suitable for any colour flavoured desktop, while it's neutral indeed. It is dark but yet very usable [not like many dark GTK you'd find around]. Metacity theme included. ########################### 06/07/2010 -...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Jul 06 2010


GTK2 Themes by SpecKtacle
[b]NOTICE: This theme is over two years old and may not work due to updates to GNOME and the Murrine Engine. Please do not count on updates to this theme in the near future. Also, I didn't renew my 4shared account in time so the wallpapers are no longer available. I apologize for the...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Apr 15 2009

Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM
Description: The Aurora Gtk Engine themes all common Gtk widgets to provide an attractive, complete and consistent look for Gtk applications. [b]Engine options[/b] • menubarstyle = 1 [i]# 0 = flat, 1 = gradient, 2 = sunken[/i] • curvature = 5 [i]#default widget cur...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Jan 03 2009