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Ubuntu Clean Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by mrtklc
Ubuntu 17.10 Theme : ─░con : icon 2 : Shell (Top bar - Yosemite Light) : Wallpaper : ...
gnome unix linux screenshot
Jan 30 2018

Ubuntu 1710 Gnome Deepin Theme And Icons

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Ubuntu 1710 Gnome Deepin Theme And Icons I used Deepin GTK Theme and Icons from umayanga (my top 3 theme builders) Thank you man your work is awesome. In the download is a text file that contains the links to these themes latest versions and the wallpaper used.
gnome screenshot linux unix
Nov 18 2017

Ubuntu 1710 Screenshot Gnome OSX With Links

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Ubuntu Gnome 1710 Gnome OSX Screenshot The Download contains a text file with all the links to the current version of the themes and the wallpaper used. I used the latest Gnome OSX from PaulXFCE I used the latest Obsidian Icons
gnome linux screenshot unix
Nov 16 2017

Ubuntu 1710 Gnome Screenshots With Links

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome Screenshots With Links Obsidian Icons, Obsidian Themes, Flat Gnome Remix Dark Shell Theme. The download contains a text file with the wallpaper to the most current versions of Themes and Icons.
gnome unix screenshot linux
Nov 15 2017

Simple, elegant gnome layout

Gnome Screenshots by JumboSurfer
A simple layout that aim to maximize the work space on my screen using Dash to Panel, Pixel Saver and Straight Top Bar extension, GTK/shell theme: Arc-OSX-Darker Icons theme; Obsidian Extensions: Dash to panel, Pixel Saver, Top Bar, Top Icon Plus, Straight Top Bar.
linux screenshot gnome unix
Jul 27 2017

Ideal Working Space (With Download Links)

Gnome Screenshots by Hero6
Hello! I like dark themes a lot, what about you? I want to share with you my result. I took standart linux (Ubuntu Gnome) and made something like this. I dont pretend on literary property on these addons, themes, icons, etc. I just want to share my result with you and show you how to get...
unix linux screenshot 1024x768 800x600 gnome
Nov 17 2017


Gnome Screenshots by oxygene8
just for testing
unix gnome linux screenshot
Nov 16 2016

CyberCat Screen

Gnome Screenshots by wilbura09
I just switched to linux and wanted to share my sweet new desktop with the awesome CyberCat background. I included a link on were to get it. It was uploaded by 4LV4R0S4MUD10.
unix linux screenshot gnome
May 24 2016

Honey and clover

Gnome Screenshots by chantrongchien
screenshot linux gnome unix
Jun 18 2015


Gnome Screenshots by twodogs
Arch Linux with i3-gaps as window manager. Very quick with keyboard shortcuts. Dotfiles: Larger screenshot:
gnome unix linux screenshot
Jun 08 2015