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Full Icon Themes by l4k1
[B]Icons for Dark Plasma Theme [COLOR="#860038"] [B]Red-Dot-Black-Plasma[/B] [/COLOR] , which you can download: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Based on Default [COLOR="#860038"] [B]Breeze[/B] [/COLOR] Icons Icons for Light Plasma Themes...
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 12 2022

FireMoon a Neon icon theme

Full Icon Themes by fedelta
FireMoon Neon icon theme *FireMoon icons based on Candy icon theme *All colors are changed *New look place icons and apps icons
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 05 2022

Privacy Quick Settings Menu GNOME Extension

Gnome Extensions by dragon8oy
Add a privacy menu to the top bar for quick access to privacy settings in GNOME Check out my other projects: - Argon Icon Theme: - Argon GRUB Theme: - Remove App Menu GNOME Extension: -...
linux unix extension gnome
Mar 12 2022

Leaf Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by qewer
Latte Dock layout for the Leaf KDE Plasma theme.
desktop dock extension latte layout leaf linux nature tree unix
Mar 19 2022

Plane Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by Hemoo023
A beautiful theme for Gnome Linux, more information in [Plane project]( Build NODE: v8.12.0 NPM: v6.4.1 # Install node modules $ npm i # Build $ gulp # Create local .themes directory if it does not already exist $ mkdir -p ~/.themes # Copy white variant $ cp...
gnome linux theme unix
Feb 13 2022

Unity Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by lsteam
Lattte layout inspired from unity desktop. using one dock on the left and one panel on the top. This layout requires a plasmoid installed on your KDE plasma : - Text Command - Better inline Clock - Clear Clock - additional - USwitcher - SimplePager Download custom start menu : Filename:...
dock extension latte latte-dock linux unity unix
Feb 23 2022


Full Icon Themes by Thalic
Gems icon theme is a spinoff of my other icon set Royal Z for Gnome. Please request icons you think should be in the next release here: [url][/url] Icon discussion: [url][/url] More colors coming soon, so...
amber citrine gems gnome icon-theme linux ruby unix
Feb 06 2022

ArcAurora Cursors

Cursors by yeyushengfan258
ArcAurora cursors for linux desktops
cursor linux unix
Dec 15 2021

Royal Z

Full Icon Themes by Thalic
XFCE is now supported!!! Royal Z is a black/white icon theme based on Spring and Papirus for Zorin 16 and Zorin 16 Pro. But should work without any problem on other distros as well. It aims for Black GTK/Gnome-shell themes. There's two version of Royal Z. The default version and then Glass...
16 core icon-theme linux lite pro unix zorin
Jan 26 2022

Cheetah Icons for KDE

Full Icon Themes by drgordbord
This a port and adjustment of the BOOMERANG OSX Cheetah Icons Original Version
aqua cheetah icon-theme linux mac macos osx unix
Jan 18 2022