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Zero (Plank theme)

Plank Themes by madcap
A dock theme for plank. to use the theme simply copy the file in "/home/--enter your path name--/.local/share/plank/theme" directory . It would be really helpful you you guys leave a review, thanks. If you like theme do not forget to give an upvote. Donations are appreciated, PayPal :...
extension dock unix linux plank
Oct 10 2018

[KDE Plasma 5] Breeze GKrellM theme (Dark+Light)

GKrellM by ultr
Breeze GKrellM theme (Dark and Light variants) for integration with KDE Plasma 5 Installation: 1. Copy Breeze directory into $HOME/.gkrellm2/themes/ 2. Select Breeze theme in GKrellM, choose variant (Dark=0 by default, Light=1)
linux plasma5 plasma kde extension gkrellm breeze unix
Jun 20 2018

Docky theme : Doo Bop (2D, 3D, 2 colors)

Docky Themes by MadeInKobaia
A simple and sober theme composed of a semi-transparent background with a slight inner bevel effect. 2 Background versions : white & black (semi-transparent). Works on 2D and 3D mode (and of course on PANEL mode). Works with all icons sizes. | Install : Copy both themes from the...
unix extension dock docky linux
Feb 18 2013

RED_BLACK theme for Docky

Docky Themes by rsthdn
The Perfect combination of Red Black Docky theme with wallpaper.
dock docky extension linux unix
Jun 19 2012

Ubuntu Software Center enhancement

Various Gnome Stuff by someonefromouttaspace
this is nothing to important. Take a look at the screenshot and you'll know what I mean
linux gnome extension unix
Dec 24 2010

Install Ubuntu system panel

Various Gnome Stuff by johnnyg
Open Terminal and type or copy and past sudo add-apt-repository ppa:malacusp/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install usp2 usp2-extras Tested in Lucid and Maverick RC
unix linux gnome extension
Oct 07 2010

Install Mint menu

Various Gnome Stuff by johnnyg
Open Terminal type or copy and past: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/mintmenu && sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mintmenu Tested in Lucid and Maverick RC
extension gnome unix linux
Oct 07 2010

Minimal theme for Burg

Various Gnome Stuff by rocksix
This is a Burg theme I created. There are two themes in the package, Minimal (with no text) and MinimalText (with the text). Copy them in /boot/burg/themes, then select one of them during the Burg screen by pressing t.
unix extension gnome linux
May 20 2010

GnoMenu Metal Lex

GnoMenu Skins by linuxlex
menu linux gnomenu extension unix
Nov 05 2010

Ubuntu hands Menu

GnoMenu Skins by ExtraLeonard
Made from Ubista theme
unix menu linux gnomenu extension
Oct 26 2010