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Greyness-Green Gnome Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
I created this Gnome Shell theme to match this wallpaper [url][/url]
theme unix linux gnome-shell gnome
Mar 12 2012

Hybrid-EDM All-in-one

Gnome Shell Themes by draco23hack
This is a mixture of the elementary and the default theme to make an hybrid theme, in the zip are the shell theme and a text to run in terminal to change the windows buttons to the left side... this is a screenshot of an acer aspire one so in a bigger screen will look better ..... This is...
gnome gnome-shell unix theme linux
Mar 05 2012

Hybrid-Man-of-Steel all in one

Gnome Shell Themes by draco23hack
Just playing with colors... hahaha... In the zip are : AWN theme, GTK3, Wallpapers and the gnome-shell theme. Icons are AwOken White....
theme unix linux gnome-shell gnome
Mar 03 2012

Hybrid-DAW-D23H All in One

Gnome Shell Themes by draco23hack
This is a dark variation of my previous theme Hybrid, to match the gtk3 AdwaitaWolfeV4 theme, which is included in the pack .... For daily use...
linux gnome gnome-shell unix theme
Feb 25 2012

Think Correctly GS Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
A Gnome Shell theme to match this awesome wallpaper [url][/url]
unix theme linux gnome-shell gnome
Jan 28 2012

Greyness Gnome Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
Hello again, [b]Notice: I made the top panel really small to save some monitor real estate if it's to small, let me know. Plus it looks cool! ;-)[/b] I had this wallpaper and thought I would create a shell and gtk theme to match. I created a neutral color instead of matching like orange...
linux gnome gnome-shell theme unix
Jan 22 2012

GNOME shell - ANewStartBlood

Gnome Shell Themes by alecive
************************************************ Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to "" ************************************************ This is a GNOME Shell theme based on ANewStart suite. It's not included in the suite yet since I...
gnome-shell gnome unix theme linux
Dec 20 2011


Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
I finally completed my first theme ever, there are still a few things I'd like to modify but will do in time. I called it ANewLook and it's based off of gnome-shell-theme-ANewStart by *alecive [url][/url] (who has been a big help to me...
theme unix linux gnome gnome-shell
Dec 19 2011


Gnome Shell Themes by ptjoshman
subCYAN Gnome Shell Theme. Based on "Mint-Z" for Gnome shell 3.2. Tested on LinuxMint 12. Also includes GTK 2.X/3.X and Metacity themes. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS************* Extract theme to ~/.themes/subLIME. Enable theme in Gnome Tweak Tool (or Advanced Settings). Type "Alt+F2"...
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Dec 13 2011

Black Glass Gnome-shell theme

Gnome Shell Themes by thongstele
This is my first gnome-shell theme for Gnome 3.2. I use it for Fedora 16 and I feel satisfied about it. Please comment for this theme.
gnome gnome-shell theme unix linux
Dec 12 2011