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Full Icon Themes by paudelanup
A Set of Skull Icons Credits: Creator of Following icon themes Se-interface-green Britanzan Brilliants Pirate-logbook glossy waxed icons
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 29 2013

Prophet Icon 13 Theme

Full Icon Themes by linuxlex
3D icons for desktop Gnome Shell, Unity, Gnome 3, Xfce, LXDE (test). Tray Icon in color. Theme is the sequel to the previous edition LinuxLex-8 Icon Theme. Surely you can find applications that currently exist in the list of icons. Tell us which applications you would like the list of icons....
unix linux icon-theme
Dec 09 2012

Calibre Faenza-elementary Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by Trevelli
[b]Calibre Theme[/b] based on [b]Faenza-elementary[/b] which is a mixture of the wonderful Faenza monochrome toolbar icons and the elegant elementary icon set. With some minor modifications on some icons. [url][/url] All...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 11 2012

Mak-Lion Taste for GNOME

Full Icon Themes by erosenninrho
(reuploaded@sugarsync... now it is working) Hi there. This is an icon theme that I compiled originally for KDE, and now I decided to port it to gnome. You will find: · Very nice OSX-Lion like folders, with a fresh color style · Minimal places icons that gives an homogeneus look on n...
unix linux icon-theme
Sep 01 2012

GIMP Icon Theme: DPixel

Full Icon Themes by knozos
This is an icon theme for GIMP. Size 22px. Just extract the .zip under home/.gimp-2.6/themes (supposing that you use GIMP 2.6) This theme only affects the toolbox icons
icon-theme linux unix
Apr 10 2012


Full Icon Themes by Crusader
Here it is final version of OSDark RFX (Remake For Xfce) of OSDark icon theme by gmaster. ([i]Since I can't let down only fan of this theme XD[/i]). Now build from scratch using gnome default theme as template. It has support for xfce power and settings managers. Even copying has its own icons!...
unix linux icon-theme
Feb 11 2012

Ubuntu-New-Look - PREVIEW

Full Icon Themes by raphaelquintao
== PREVIEW == copy and past on /usr/share/icons White panel icons for ubuntu. Theme is Zukitwo. Wallpaper is : To change icons and themes on Ubuntu 11.10, install...
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 15 2011

LYX Faenza icon style

Full Icon Themes by erosenninrho
Hello there, this is a faenza monochromed style for the Latex Editor of my preference, LYX. How to install: 1) Uncompress the .zip file. 2) Make a backup of your default icons. (For instance, in a terminal: cp /usr/share/lyx/images ~lyx_icons_backup; or you can do it directly using...
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 11 2011

Idea (icon theme)

Full Icon Themes by S73f4n0
This icon theme is a modification of the "Simple 2.6.5" icon theme from You can find the associated GTK2 theme in the picture here: Bye!... :)
icon-theme linux unix
Jul 27 2011


Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss
FOR KDE 3.5 LOVERS!!! These icons are from Everaldo and I just revived the old icon theme because a lot of icons were not working properly, I edited a couple of icons, but...
unix linux icon-theme
May 06 2011