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Ice-Water 20.04 based on adwaita 3.24.14

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93
Update the core theme to ubuntu 20.04 rest will follow with time. Its just a gtk2 and gtk3 theme. Please test and comment.
gnome unix theme linux
Apr 13 2020

Refreshed Shell Theme for Older GNOME

Gnome Shell Themes by duke7553
Older GNOME Shells don't include the refreshed shell theme work found in the 3.34 and 3.36 series. Here's a non-official back-port of the proposed changes. NOTE: If you have GNOME 3.32, download the original file, otherwise if you're running GNOME 3.34 and want to try out a new backport of...
refresh shell linux unix theme adwaita gnome gnome-shell
Mar 02 2020

10 Icons

Full Icon Themes by elbullazul
Icon theme for KDE and GNOME based DEs Based on Windows 10 1909's icons
unix windows 10 linux microsoft icon-theme icons
Jan 21 2020

Cereza [pantheon] Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by Dannel
Cereza gtk theme for Pantheon desktop (elementary OS) The dark variation does not have many changes, but it has the essentials. :) Based on: Default Gtk+ Stylesheet for elementary OS Icon Theme: Papirus Please...
linux theme unix elementary gtk3 gnome
Dec 01 2019


GTK3/4 Themes by etles-team
Please use it first before you're give me a judge :) This theme just work (tested) on GTK-3.22 or later and has been test on the latest Debian Buster 10.1 version (see screenshot sections). Packages on this theme, are available is: -- Metacity (updated for the latest version) -- Xfwm4...
linux gnome unix theme
Sep 09 2019


GTK3/4 Themes by etles-team
This is a new name theme based on "Mint-Y" my tweaks theme before (since 2017). Overall same base theme but I get update it all for more comfortable to use with the latest GTK engine. This theme has been test on: -- Voyager Debian 10 Buster (Gnome) edition. -- Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina"...
unix theme gnome linux
Sep 01 2019

Windows 10 GTK

GTK3/4 Themes by sinner59
Windows 10 build 1511 gtk3 theme (+ gtk2). [u][b]Please rate it if you like or/and uses ![/b][/u] (consider this as a flat theme artwork simply, nothing more). [b]Install[/b] uncompress into: - /usr/share/themes/ - $HOME/.themes Then just change the theme, with you favourite distro...
gnome linux theme unix windows windows10
Jun 22 2019

Unity 7

GTK3/4 Themes by elbullazul
A theme replicating the appearance of Ubuntu 14.04's included themes, Ambiance and Radiance. Works with GTK 3.20 and over. Cinnamon and Gnome-shell themes included
linux radiance ubuntu unity theme trusty unix ambiance gnome
Jul 17 2019

Unity 8

GTK3/4 Themes by elbullazul
Since Unity won't be a reality (at least in the way many people saw it), enjoy it's graphic design in the shape of a Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome and GTK 3 theme Includes - Gtk3 theme as seen in the (rare) screenshots of unity showing various widgets - Cinnamon theme with vertical panel support:...
gnome gnome-shell canonical 8 unity ubuntu theme unix linux
Jul 05 2019

Greybird Classic TR

GTK2 Themes by cybercop
Edited Greybird themes for Xfce4 with transparent taskbar in the panel and Black Crystal V (Red) Xfwm4 theme. For versions of GTK 3.16-3.18 (Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 16.04) and GTK 3.20+ (Debian Stretch, Ubuntu 16.10+, Fedora 25, Arch Linux ...)
linux gnome gtk2 theme unix
Apr 25 2019