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Oxygen Matrix Green Cursor

Cursors by xeno-idaltu
One of the thirty-seven cursors that came in KDE4, can also be used for KDE5 Plasma. This is the original work of Riccardo Iaconelli and KDE's Oxygen Project. 14/37 * I updated some of the names for better search results.
linux cursor unix
Oct 31 2017

Tango2 Icons

Full Icon Themes by dindinG41TR3
================================================= Author : Dindin Hernawan E-mail : Made With : Inkscape Like My Work ? give me coffe please :) Donation Paypal : Licenced : GNU GPL...
unix linux icon-theme
Sep 14 2017

Ultimate Serie for right handed

Cursors by markitos66
To Russian community: Now you can download them from Dropbox. [i][b]Ultimate Serie for Right Handed[/b][/i] X11 mouse themes, fully animated. Available colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White. Available cursors size: 24, 32, 40, 48,56 and 64 pixels. I am offering the full serie for...
unix linux cursor
Aug 22 2017

Icons Collection (Ubuntu/Linux Mint)

Full Icon Themes by noobslab
NoobsLab offers huge icons collection. You can easily install icons via PPA in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian/Other Ubuntu based Distribution.
unix icon-theme linux
Aug 14 2017

El Nuove

Full Icon Themes by newhoa
A gtk Icon theme for Gnome, XFCE, LXDE Update 2017: This icon theme is no longer maintained, it will likely have missing or incomplete icons for newer desktops (post 2014 or so). It was formerly called Victory Icon Collection but since I started my own original theme I've changed the name...
unix linux icon-theme
Aug 14 2017


GTK2 Themes by bubble1
[b]Leaves[/b] is a fork of the theme "Turquoise Nights II". Unlike the latter, Leaves is an exquisite combination of a dark and green environment. Both, Leaves is a fork of the themes "Red Gala" and "Fritter". [i]The theme isn't edited at 100%. There are some small elements which still retain...
linux theme unix gnome gtk2
Dec 17 2017

Poppy OS X Revieve

GTK3/4 Themes by kayover
Port of latest version of my Poppy (earlier Ubuntu) OS X theme for 14.04 Unity to 17.04 Gnome. Now in development state. --- Thank you all who leave a positive feedback, it's really motivating to work not just only for myself! :) And need to say: I'm proud of myself. Didn't see any OS X...
linux gnome unix theme
Sep 18 2017


GTK3/4 Themes by jpfleury
Clearlooks-Phénix aims at creating a GTK3 port of Clearlooks, the default theme for Gnome 2. Style is also included for GTK2, Unity and for Metacity, Openbox and Xfwm4 window managers. [b]Requirements:[/b] [li]for Clearlooks-Phénix v1: packages [i]gtk2-engines[/i] (if GTK2 applications are ...
linux theme unix gnome
Aug 02 2017


GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan
NOTE: ====== Unfortunately, after years of Gnome3, even minor updates of GTK+ or Gnome-Shell break themes and waste hours of work. GnomishBeige is a clean beige theme for GTK3, plus a matching GTK2 theme that depends on the latest Murrine and Pixmap engines. *** Current Dependencies...
unix theme gnome linux
Jul 31 2017


GTK3/4 Themes by teodorescup
It's based on the Greybird gtk theme. Works best with gnome 3.6 (XUbutnu 12.10) Not all files were modified so consider gtk themes a work in progress.
linux theme unix gnome
Jul 31 2017