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ATER 5 color

Metacity Themes by Simzer
ATER is a dark plastic theme. The theme family is inspired by Led displays. There are skins for XMMS and MPlayer match with this metacity theme. 3rd screenshot is a MOCKUP! There is no GTK theme. Versions: - Normal (right oriented) button style - Mac (left oriented) button style)...
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Aug 12 2006


Metacity Themes by elehvantti
Rounded corners are evil. :) This is just a quick modification to the default Human Metacity theme included in Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Instant round corners be gone! Looks very nice and sharp with xcompmgr drop shadows. Note: Human Metacity theme is based on the wonderful Clearlooks 2 by...
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Jun 10 2006

My Simplebox

Metacity Themes by jluquette
This theme is just a very trivial modification to rprobasco's Simplebox theme; the original Simplebox is derived from Clearbox and is distributed under the GPL. It can be found here: As previously mentioned, the changes are very minimal and...
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Nov 30 2005


Metacity Themes by marandhu
A clean and fast metacity theme. Looks good with Clearlooks GTK2 theme but adapts to your current theme colors. Clearbox is now fully customizable. A small GTK application allow configure the differents theme aspects, preview the theme and save it in the user themes folder. The options...
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Aug 13 2005