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GTK2 Themes by n-k
Clearlooks-based theme (Classic style). Clearlooks062x theme, based off Clearlooks 0.6.2 (GTK 2.x Theme/Style) by Remenic < [url][/url] > . Dependence: gtk-engines-2 (Clearlooks) PS XApp on the Third screen: snapfly <...
theme unix linux gnome gtk2
Aug 02 2017

Cheser GTK+ 2 Theme

GTK2 Themes by Laikon
Adwaita style GTK+ 2 theme. [li]Tested in Fedora 21 (GNOME 3.14)[/li] Based on Adwaita GTK+ theme GTK+ 3 theme - [url][/url] GTK+ 2 theme - [url][/url]
unix theme gtk2 gnome linux
Jul 31 2017


GTK2 Themes by n-k
This theme based on/off waldorf-theme from cruncbanglinux-11. It is my fixes for this theme. Screen with XApps: obconf, lxappearance, deadbeef, smplayer and xfc4-panel - button:...
linux theme unix gnome gtk2
Jul 31 2017

Hackan Steel - Docky Theme

GTK2 Themes by hackan301
My fourth version of my metal-theme for Docky. Worked on softer shapes and shades, this version took some work but is considerably more sophisticated than its predecessors and is pretty neautral so it should work with most desktop themes, however I will update this share with more...
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Jul 31 2017

Sandera - My first gtk2 theme

GTK2 Themes by yellowfan
Original artwork available on All credits goes to the original author. Its my first gtk2 theme so please don`t be to critical. Included a gtk3 theme ( will add a real one if it gets popular) for compatibility issues but that won`t look like the gtk2 one. Included...
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Jul 31 2017

Ambiance XFCE Xubuntu

GTK2 Themes by test3java
Good old Gnome. Beta version for Xfce - Xubuntu 18.04. Installation: just copy the folder "Ambiance" from the archive to the working directory ~ / .themes go to Settings -> Apperaence. Select Ambiance theme. and go to Settings -> Window Manager. Select Ambiance style. rejoice!
gnome gtk gtk2 theme unix xfce xfce4 xubuntu linux
May 05 2018


GTK2 Themes by tsujan
A dark GTK2 theme for use alongside the dark variant of GTK3 Adwaita (gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=1). *** Dependencies *** gtk2-engines-pixbuf (or just GTK2 in rpm based systems)
gtk2 gnome linux theme unix
Jul 24 2017


GTK2 Themes by beancounter3
Design for xubuntu 16.04 with focus on scrollbars, menus and soft gradients. based on "greybird-gtk-theme" by Simon Steinbeiß and Pasi Lallinaho depends: gtk3 = 3.18 (3.18.9*) gtk2 ~ 2.24 gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf recommended: add: export ...
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Jul 18 2017

50 shades of grey

GTK2 Themes by ZMA
50 оттенков серого. Здесь показаны только 3 скриншота, но всего в раздаче более 50 тем + обои и фоны для файловых менеджеров. В этих темах представлены фактуры бумаги, бетона, мокрого снега, тканей, шотландки, рукописного текста, волны, старинных гравюр, полосок, разные мелкие узоры, и т.д. В р...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Jul 09 2017

A Theme by Aubrey for Fedora

GTK2 Themes by aubreybourke
A GTK2 Murrine Engine Theme Contains: my4.4LG gtk2 theme Elementary icon theme 2.7.1 by Dan Rabbit
unix theme linux gnome gtk2 aubrey
Feb 02 2018