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Tin Can

GTK2 Themes by ceebeebg
Murrine Gtk2 & Metacity Themes.
linux theme unix gnome gtk2
May 25 2010

Lucid Night

GTK2 Themes by ceebeebg
Murrine Gtk theme. Enable Rgba TRUE or FALSE supports global menu too.
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
May 10 2010

Seven by cochix

GTK2 Themes by cochix
This is my windows seven theme. This theme is inspired on Vista-But, Win2-7 Pack, Win7.Basic.02 and Wndous Se7en. (tested on xfce)
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Feb 12 2010

Wndous Se7en

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku
A mod of Win2-7, I used pixmaps from the original Aero.msstyles of Windows 7 Credits to the original authors of the Aero of Windows 7 from Microsoft
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Feb 08 2010

Ghostship Dark

GTK2 Themes by brainvision
[b]GHOSTSHIP DARKER[/b] a gtk theme by [b]elleti.brainvision[/b] Based on Ghostship, by [b]sunexplodes[/b] ( My second submission with this account! (I have an older account that I'm deleting because I can't...
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Jan 27 2010

Alienware-Invader Demo

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88
Working theme demo. Not yet complete, still has a few bugs to iron out. In particular i can't find a way to change the listheaders text colour, currently it is to similar to the background to read. If anyone can inform me how i could adjust that i would be eternally greatful. Please let me know...
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Jan 17 2010


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
The color seems more green apple to me, but I got the inspiration from this background here; No metacity, it does include an openbox3 theme and a matching panel.png
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Dec 10 2009

Carbonit 2009 Tab improvement

GTK2 Themes by nyenty
A reworked version of the Carbonit theme. Did you know the bespin theme for KDE ? It's the same kind of tab mangement in this theme...
unix theme linux gtk2 gnome
Oct 29 2009

Deep Gnome Theme

GTK2 Themes by freakcode
You'll need the latest Murrine and Nodoka Gtk engines installed. I also recommend the latest Gnome Colors icon theme: You can get the wallpaper...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Oct 21 2009

Zune - GTK+, Metacity, XFWM4

GTK2 Themes by Cuvou
This is a clone of the Windows XP Zune theme for GTK+, Metacity, and XFWM4. It's an "evolution" of my old Metacity/XFWM4-only Zune theme. Gnome-Look's edit system is broken so it keeps forgetting all the changes I try to make to my last submission so I have to make a new one. The GTK+...
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Jul 10 2009