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Gnome-pie Minimalistic

Various Gnome Stuff by ochoadavid
Minimalistic and centerless Gnome-pie theme. Extract the folder in ~/.config/gnome-pie/themes and then select the theme you like in the gnome-pie preferences
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Nov 14 2011

FB Reader Custom Toolbar Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by krig
Custom toolbar icons for FBReader e-book reader; please replace the FBReader extracted folder (replace it as root) into directory [i]/usr/share/pixmaps[/i] and start/restart to be loaded. Visit FBReader homepage for more info here: [url][/url]
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Nov 15 2013

slim desktop manager

Various Gnome Stuff by Cope57
I am currently using the slim desktop manager instead of the default gdm. I also did not like the font and text style of the original panel that came with the slim log in screen so I created a different panel to better suit the default log in wallpaper. I am only offering the panel to...
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Oct 11 2011

GLX-Cairo dock theme

Various Gnome Stuff by zelozelos
My desktop is all Cairo dock except for the background - of course. The 1st link is a package of my Cairo docks theme. The volume icon was originally found via Google search just re-made it and changed the eyes/mouth. The sword I made entirely, opens when there is trash in the trash can, and...
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Sep 19 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by ingalex
[b]BURG-MANAGER[/b] -Installation and emulation of Burg -Setting default O.S., timeout, resolution and much other paramethers -Removing old kernel and related menuentry -Installation themes for burg (total 27 themes) -Removing Burg e restoring Grub -Boot...
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Jun 13 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by juandejesuss
theme for emesene... several icons made by me with GIMP and some others are not mine, credit to their designers, I hope you like it... Notification Display designed by radixs credits to him ************************************* *WLM9 is part of Win2-7 Pack family...
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May 06 2011

Boton Menu bonito IceCat 4

Various Gnome Stuff by Arder
[b]INSTALAR >>[/b] + Descomprimir + Copiar el archivo userChrome.css dentro de la carpeta chrome en home/USER/.gnuzilla/icecat/(numero).default/chrome + Reiniciar IceCat PD: si la carpeta chrome no existe sera necesario crearla MAS INFORMACIÓN: ...
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Apr 26 2011

Neon Glow Menu bar

Various Gnome Stuff by megasasquatch
Created this menu bar "theme" to go with the ACYL icon set and the Oxy-Neon cursor theme. All colors include the top, bottom, left, and right images at 25x25.
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Mar 05 2011

Faenza-style Linux OS icons for "Burg"

Various Gnome Stuff by sedaTurca
These are Faenza-style Pardus, MeeGo, Linpus and Android-x86 icons for burg theme "Fortune". It is so simple to use them for "burg". In order to install "burg" which is "the grub-alternative graphical bootloader" open a terminal window and add "burg-ppa" by typing: sudo add-apt-repository...
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Feb 13 2011

Moc theme pack

Various Gnome Stuff by leodelacruz
Deep house theme includes cyan renamed
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Jan 31 2011