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Debian Monster [gfxboot]

GRUB Themes by AmericanJesus
GFXBoot Theme based on debian monster [fbsplash] AMD64 (x86-64) not tested
unix grub bootscreen burg linux splashscreen
Oct 06 2009

T-ish Pack

GTK2 Themes by tmilovan
A fast Clearlooks and Ubuntulooks themes for Gnome made to loosely resemble OSX Tiger. They fit well with Compiz also. Contents: T-ish - Clearlooks theme T-ish Aguastyle - Clearlooks theme with some pixmap elements T-ish-Ubuntulooks - Ubuntlooks theme T-ish-Ubuntulooks Aguastyle -...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Sep 28 2006