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Audacious Docky Helper

Docky Themes by thesnapdragon
To install the helper, you simply have to: Right click on Anchor icon >> Settings >> Helpers and click the Install button and select a helper in the dialog. The helper are packaged in a .tar file.
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Dec 30 2010

True Glass AWN

AWN Themes by avaloslucas
AWN Theme, enjoy!
unix linux awn extension dock
Dec 15 2010

SSI AWN icons

AWN Themes by ivanblago
List of icons: # Chrom (Chromium or Google Chrome) # Gedit # Gimp # Home # IRC # Mail # Mozilla # Notes # Rhythmbox # Shutter # Skype # Terminal # Transmission # Trash # Ubuntu Tweak # Video (player) Just go right click on standard AWN icon and select Customize Icon, then pick...
linux extension dock awn unix
Dec 12 2010

Blue AWN Panel Bar

AWN Themes by J4X0R
AWN Theme, Best used with dark backgrounds with blues. ________________________________________ [b]Install Instructions:[/b] [b]1.[/b] Download [b]2.[/b] Save to downloads or your chosen location. [b]3.[/b] Right click on awn, select Dock Preference. [b]4.[/b] Go to themes, click...
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Oct 31 2010

drakfire awn theme

AWN Themes by drakfire
unix linux extension dock awn
Oct 17 2010

AWN Ambiance and Radiance Theme

AWN Themes by Otacon87
Ubuntu Ambiance and Radiance looking themes for Avant Window Navigator. Icon Theme - Faenza Icon Theme; [b][u]ANNOUNCE[/u][/b] I'm searching for a nice background pattern. Basi ideas are: - Glassy; - Ubuntu Logo; - Tribal; - ...whatever you want...; Add a comment below posting your...
extension dock awn unix linux
Sep 15 2010

docky theme

Docky Themes by mormope
docky theme rombo
linux extension dock docky unix
Sep 15 2010

Deep Docky

Docky Themes by seahorsepip
Deep Docky By Seahorsepip Deep(From the deep suite) landed in the world of linux, at our own Docky! Package Includes 3 versions: -Deep Dock 3D Mode -Deep Dock 2D Mode -Deep Dock Panel Mode
linux unix extension dock docky
Sep 03 2010

Docky Categories

Docky Themes by salathaendler
These categories for Docky are as simple as they are beautiful! It's just a bunch of images, as Docky does not support any kind of graphical divider. Just put the images into a folder where they don't bother you and drag them to the right position on your dock. If you have ideas for further...
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Aug 22 2010

squared DockbarX theme

DockbarX Themes by schaze
This is my squared theme for DockbarX that goes nicely with my vertical Panel and the Elementary theme. Please note that this theme is optimized for panels with 48px size. On smaller ones your icons will probably be microscopic. This is mainly based on Based on tonkybar by BigRZA and...
unix linux extension dock dockbarx
Jun 17 2010