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Metro-Pack Pack (Cinnamon+GTK2/3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Brahimsalem
theme unix linux gnome
Dec 30 2013

Calibre Sphere icon Set

Full Icon Themes by potzblitz7
This is a extension of my Sphere icon theme 1.2 for Calibre. It replaces the original icons with parts of the Sphere icon theme. It works well, but you have to copy the icons every time after updating the program, so the best way is to make a base folder where you place these icons.
linux icon-theme unix
Oct 11 2012

Ambiance Burgundy

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Nice looking color and accentuated with borders. Metacity include corner stoplights pictured. Calender reworked to show present date perfectly. Tweak has red for off, green for on. Scrollbars match as the motif in this theme is red, amber and green. Spent many hours and days to get this to work...
gnome theme unix linux
Jul 12 2013

EQ Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes by KEIII
Metacity theme based on Clearbox-os theme and Equinox Evolution Rounded buttons.
linux unix
Sep 22 2010

Mountain Lion Theme for ubuntu 12.10

GTK3/4 Themes by haniahmed1986
theme for Ubuntu12.10 gtk 3.6 Mountain-Lion theme for unity+gnome-shell+cinnamon mac osx theme for ubuntu for nemo and nautilus
linux gnome theme unix
Mar 01 2013

Hydronium iconset

Full Icon Themes by beykex
Before anything: Sorry for my bad English! Hydronium is an icon theme made by mixing many icons from different themes. Icons are colorful and have a professional design, so it is a very clean and beautiful set. It is inspired on Crystal Project, Oxygen and Mac OSX icons. More information...
linux icon-theme unix
Sep 07 2011


GTK3/4 Themes by duduledotcom
Graphite Theme Gtk3 Gtk:3.43 engine: unico 1.0.2 v0.35 Author: #3e3f2c Buisine
theme unix linux gnome
Jun 03 2012


Full Icon Themes by ejrn
this is a icon theme based on the humanity, faenza and elementary themes icons now for any linux distro with gnome este en un tema de iconos basado en los temas de iconos humanity, faenza y elementary ahora para cualquier distro linux con gnome
linux icon-theme unix
Feb 25 2011

Faelementary Icons

Full Icon Themes by joeyblurton
An icon theme for the GNOME desktop, built by packaging together Elementary and Faenza icons. The emphasis is on an Elementary feel, but using Faenza app, status and action icons. To install: extract the .rar archive, then drag and drop Faelementary.tar.gz into the Gnome Appearance...
unix linux icon-theme
Jan 27 2011

Oxygen Folders (countries & fun)

Full Icon Themes by bavarese
flag & fun folders - made *only* from the oxygen-KDE4-folders (except tiny details) Most templates found on wikipedia. Animal, retro, lace & firework artworks taken from Big thanks! If you want to create your country or if you have other good ideas - all you need you'll...
unix linux icon-theme
Jan 27 2011