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Cursors by LeDid
* Basic X Cursor Themes - Black and White A simple cursor theme, two colors on a 24x24 pixel sized image, without dithering and no drop shadow for hardware acceleration rendering * Basic X Cursor Theme - Black+ and White+ Add a drop shadow 35% opacity with 2 pixels * Basic X Cursor Theme...
cursor linux unix
Jun 26 2010


Cursors by oem68
i want to give credit to moony,it did not work on ubuntu 10.4 so i fixed it thank you for providing this i just wanted to let those have this that had trouble.
cursor linux unix
May 03 2010

Obsidian (left handed version)

Cursors by R2D221
Left Handed version of the Obsidian ([url][/url]) cursor theme by ECHM ([url][/url]). This is not an automatic flip; just arrows and hands have been flipped, and the (?) in DND-help...
cursor linux unix
Mar 10 2010

Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle
Version 0.5 of my mouse theme. o added lefty versions o added some new cursors o added a lot of cursor aliases o cursor aliases are sym-links now Any comments are still welcome!
cursor linux unix
Jan 04 2010

Komix Cursors Colection

Cursors by xactive
Komix Cursors are inspirated by the ComixCursors by jlue. Package comes with 60 different mouse themes for X11. 10 colors (look at screenshots) 3 different sizes (small, regular, large) 2 different weights (slim and normal)
cursor linux unix
May 12 2007

Fedora Mouse Cursor themes with FULL KDE

Cursors by gnulinuxman
All you Bluecurve X cursor theme fans, this is what you've ALL been waiting for! I've taken Red Hat's standard mouse themes from Fedora 4 and Fedora 6 and added all the KDE symlinks you should need to fully use these on your KDE desktop. Of course it also works with GNOME, XFCE, or any other...
cursor linux unix
Feb 16 2007

Classic Flat White Cursor without shadow

Cursors by davidcs
This cursor theme is based in the default cursor theme of windows xp. For install it just decompress it into .icons folder in your home folder. For any advice or suggestion about this artwork and its license just tell me.
cursor linux unix
Oct 17 2006

Alpha Cursors

Cursors by Garak128
I always wanted a set of true alpha-blended cursors for linux, but there were none available. This is a set created by Converted to linux X11 format by Garak. These are true translucent (see-thru) cursors, they look great. nVidia users may want to enable HWCursor and...
cursor linux unix
Apr 07 2005


Cursors by sasKuach
This mouse cursor theme is a direct shameful rip of Grounation and BASE-White. I absolutely loved the spinner in Grounation and wanted it in BASE, so I put it there. Thanks to moshi and Luis Camacho for great work on these themes.
cursor linux unix
Dec 13 2004