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[Cairo-Dock] Gnome-Colors Themes

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
We arrived at 3 release of the theme for Gnome-Colors Cairo-Dock. There are many changes, a new configuration file, which makes the bar very similar to the macbar, I was inspired by her. The launchers are placed on the left, at the center are the applets, with the various controls of the home...
extension cairo-dock dock unix linux
Mar 13 2009

[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This theme is inspired by Oxygen from KDE and Oxygen Refit made by Chrispy ([url][/url]). I try to make a theme that can be integrated on KDE too. Any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to leave a comment =) [b]Special[/b]:...
linux unix extension cairo-dock dock
Jan 30 2009

graphite for cairo-dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by ticoon
I have ported the skin graphite by ~deniartru and Icon theme by Asher to cairo-dock. Permission granted. Extract to:~/.cairo-dock/themes/ Any suggestions are welcome.
unix extension dock cairo-dock linux
Nov 04 2008

[cairo-dock] Oxygen Refit Black Theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
Yeah! I think that Cairo Dock is the real Gnome Dock! I don't like Avant Windows Navigator, it's the noob edition of mac's dock. Cairo is the answer if you are looking for a real dock! I made this theme because most of cairo-theme are not integrated with ubuntu or better with linux, try this...
unix extension dock cairo-dock linux
Jun 24 2008

Mac OSX Leopard Cairo-Dock theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by lagooned
This is a Mac OSX leopard cairo-dock theme Extract to:~/.cairo-dock/themes/ at least I think Tell me if it doesnt work. it might be a little small
unix linux extension dock cairo-dock
Dec 21 2007

Blue-Green3D for cairo-dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by DukeNono
My 3D theme for cairo-dock... If you don't know cairo-dock, look here : and in french :
extension cairo-dock dock unix linux
Nov 24 2007