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AWN Themes by deltawari0r
One more color and changes in curves for awn theme. I used Azenis Icons Green this time - The 3rd screen shot is with AwOken Icon theme -...
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Oct 03 2010

Maverick Ambiance AWN Theme

AWN Themes by DrAcid
This is my first theme for Avant Window Navigator. :) I know, there already IS a theme for Ambiance/Radiance, but I thought it was just a *tad* not... I guess [i]orange[/i] enough? Not [i]Ambiance[/i] enough... So, here's my vision for Maverick AWN... I hope it will be useful! ;) It...
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Oct 02 2010

Lucido AWN Theme - Jakes World

AWN Themes by J4X0R
AWN Theme, Best used with dark backgrounds with blues. ________________________________________ [b]Install Instructions:[/b] [b]1.[/b] Download [b]2.[/b] Save to downloads or your chosen location. [b]3.[/b] Right click on awn, select Dock Preference. [b]4.[/b] Go to themes, click...
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Sep 28 2010

3dbrancocristal awn theme

AWN Themes by enraim
se você gostou do tema e pode fazer uma doação o faça if you liked the song and make a donation can do este tema funcionara a penas na versão do awn 0.4.0 ou superior his theme will work only on version awn 0.4.0 or higher você também pode fazer uma doação para a empresa lynex para manter...
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Sep 25 2010

AWN Ambiance and Radiance Theme

AWN Themes by Otacon87
Ubuntu Ambiance and Radiance looking themes for Avant Window Navigator. Icon Theme - Faenza Icon Theme; [b][u]ANNOUNCE[/u][/b] I'm searching for a nice background pattern. Basi ideas are: - Glassy; - Ubuntu Logo; - Tribal; - ...whatever you want...; Add a comment below posting your...
extension dock awn unix linux
Sep 15 2010

AWN Blue & Transparent theme

AWN Themes by ExtraLeonard
Avant Window Navigator (AWN) Theme. Just download it and after that install from AWN theme tab.
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Sep 14 2010

Crystal AWN

AWN Themes by 1we42q
With this theme the AWN will be trasparent and usefull. So you can replace any panel with it. I've added also some small picture for decorate any lounchers. Enjoy.
dock extension awn unix linux
Sep 14 2010

Ironman HUD Awn Theme

AWN Themes by britj
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Aug 16 2010

PabloGlass AWN theme

AWN Themes by pablomoreno
dock extension awn linux unix
Jun 18 2010

Ubuntu mono volume control for AWN

AWN Themes by dinin
Ubuntu mono icons for AWN. To apply, simply extract the folder to /usr/share/avant-window-navigator/applets/volume-control and apply the new theme on volume control
linux unix extension awn dock
Jun 14 2010