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Elegant-Gold & Elegant-Silver

Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A well balanced transparent shell theme with Gold or silver accents . Active hover and system buttons match "Adwaita"With Timed Transition Colors . Well it was created from Glass-Gnome :) Most of the modifications can be found here ...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Nov 11 2018

Don't Wake The Dead

Cursors by isylumn
Complete animated cursor theme Don't Wake The Dead. How to Install Linux Mint Icons 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 2. Select theme from Start>Settings>Mouse and Touchpad (select Theme tab)
cursor linux skeleton skull spooky unix
Feb 08 2019

Dark-Glass-Pro & Darker-Glass-Pro

Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A Transparent shell theme compatible with "Adwaita" with Blue active hover and buttons . Reworked to go with the "Yaru" icon-theme. Original "css" is from Numix Gnome Shell 3.28 by jcarle with many modifications . assets are frome various sources...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Oct 25 2018

Doctor Who Mouse Cursors

Cursors by isylumn
The Doctor Who mouse cursor on top of the DMZ White scheme - ideal companion for the Blue Tardis icon theme. Doctor Who is the copyrighted property of the BBC To install, extract this package to ~/.icons/ (or /usr/share/icons/). Then go to Mouse and Touchpad and select the new icon theme
cursor doctor linux sonic unix who
Feb 05 2019


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A Dark Glass Transparent Shell theme For Arc-Dark and Arc-Darker. Toggle Assets Reworked from Arc-Dark . Assets from Other sources "css" is Reworked from "Numix Gnome Shell 3.28 " by jcarle . Updated to work with the "Yaru" icon-set Updated with transition timings for "Ubuntu 18-10"...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Oct 23 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A transparent shell theme Created from "Dark-Glass-Pro " Created to reveal your desktop not hide it . "hints" are in a "read me" file in the theme folder . move to desktop and extract the theme to your home/.themes folder or as admin computer/user/share/themes. I have included the...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Oct 23 2018

School Material

Full Icon Themes by schoolmaterialbob
UPDATE!! I am trying to implement another one of material designs philosophies, namely to use more than one action on an element, to show it's importance, since it is difficult;t to animate icons without your theme. Instead I'm trying another method, color. First, just on the folder components,...
dark-theme gnome icon-theme linux material openbox unix xfce
May 28 2019

FS Icons Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes by franksouza183
[b]*************************** *************************** ADS / DONATION *************************** ***************************[/b] I know, advertisements are terribly boring, but accessing the download page via you will be helping me maintain the project. You can also make a...
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 20 2017


Full Icon Themes by DelsaDj
Exagonal icon themes v0.12 The colors that I have chosen for these icons are taken from combinations of interior furnishings and paintings that go out of fashion lately, because I want to make your desktop a welcoming place! Hope you like it!! As always you can write your feedback in the...
icon-theme kde linux unix
Mar 27 2018

Mr. Ouch Plymouth Boot Screen

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
How to Install Boot Themes NOTE: Mr. Ouch is a child-safety electrical warning symbol created by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). Mr. Ouch is the property of NEMA. * 1. Copy the new theme under /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/...
bootscreen child electrical linux mr ouch plymouth safety splashscreen unix
Aug 07 2019