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Purple Popper

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Kind of like the others have done with single color schemes. Is nice looking and works good. Got bored of the Ambiance title so just upped the name a bit! Hopefully others will enjoy and once again please no spammers. I am relatively new to all this and just want to get better at it and get nice...
gnome linux theme unix
Jul 14 2013

AdriX KDE Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by myloginname
AdriX KDE icon theme v2.1 ------------------------- This theme uses icons from many other themes like Exquisite, Crystal, NuoveXT, OSX3.3 and others. I put them together trying to get a consistent look. I also tried to cover a long range of apps, actions, mimetiypes, etc. Icon set...
icon-theme linux unix
May 10 2009

Ultimate Edition 3.0?

GTK3/4 Themes by TheeMahn
Both GTK2 / GTK3 based theme, please see homepage for additional details, iconsets, cursors, plymouth etc. I am sure I am going to lose a few ppl here, but I am going to attempt to break things down. There are known issues with the progress bar when attempting to use a GTK3 / 2 theme in a...
gnome linux theme unix
Sep 20 2011

Delta shell-white

Gnome Shell Themes by ejrn
just an other theme for gnome shell thought to be elegant and transparent with high contrast support some gnome shell extensions like dock, mint extestions and others.
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Dec 15 2011

Windows XP Start Button

Various Gnome Stuff by Furasheru
This button was created specially for my friend, who likes "Luna" theme. I made it from scratch, both in English and Russian. To change menu icon you should - run gconf-editor - open [ apps -> panel -> objects ] - fing an object with "menu-object" object-type - set "use_custom_icon"...
extension gnome linux unix
Aug 22 2009

Broke Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by XadhimX
Custom gnome 3 shell..!!
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
May 09 2011

OpenBSD Cold Steel Grub Boot Splash #1

GRUB Themes by Notofsoundmind
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
Sep 07 2011

cairo-dock elegant-black

Cairo-Dock Themes by pablomoreno
cairo-dock dock extension linux unix
Jun 03 2009

Arch Glass Blue Grub

GRUB Themes by AngelusNoctis
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
Dec 14 2007