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Elementary Light brown folders

Full Icon Themes by datalore
Just a variation of elementary xfce theme with light brown folders. Installation: Download, extract it and move to /usr/share/icons or ~.icons. If does not show propper use sudo chmod -R 755 /usr/share/icons/elementary-brown or chmod -R 755 ~.icons/elementary-brown
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 09 2014

Three mini themes

Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Три мини темы иконок в одном пакете. Это иконки с deviantart собранные в мини темы для Ubuntu (Linux Mint). Иконки от Somonette, TinyLab, KriGH и ещё одного неизвестного автора. Minimum-01 L.V.F Milk_icon Three mini icon themes in one package. This icons deviantart collecte...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 29 2014

Magical Lights -n Mint

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93
An updatred artwork from an old theme from noobslab. Please use first download link Please donate for my work of themes to Mint and Ubuntu.
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 27 2014


Full Icon Themes by LozanoJack
eOS X is a Icon Theme for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Based on Elementary Icon Theme with amazing changes. TIPS: ----- > Change backlight of Launcher of Ubuntu using "Ubuntu Tweak" to mode: "backlight according apps open or close" > Change dash icon with other like sexy. Download the next...
unix linux icon-theme
Jan 25 2014

Tastic Mimetypes

Full Icon Themes by Untergunter
After tastic folders here are tastic mimetypes. I've followed the Faenza iconset to get the right icons, names and some logos. 94 different mimes 128x128 icons svg format (made with inkscape) 4 colors
icon-theme linux unix
Nov 27 2013


Full Icon Themes by Huku9H1F
Made to fit with Gurnbenktz GTK theme. [url][/url] Based on (and depends of) the great GNOME-Colors set by perfektska04. [url][/url] You [i]must[/i] install...
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 11 2013

BlackIce icon theme

Full Icon Themes by dbaker
Iceglass icon theme ( adapted for light color schemes. All credit goes to the original creator, I just inverted the files!
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 24 2013

Asian Catharsis

Full Icon Themes by paudelanup
This is more a template and any modification is welcome. Build out of Traditional Japan Cairo dock theme..
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 21 2013

Translucent Black & White Desktop Icons

Full Icon Themes by JWarren
NOTE: This is not a proper icon theme, these are merely a set of 15 icons I happen tu use with XFDesktop and thought someone might appreciate them. 15x 158x158 black and white icons with a white border and a plain white glow. I find these look attractive on a plain black background, and...
linux icon-theme unix
Aug 29 2013

FS Ubuntu Icons (Mod)

Full Icon Themes by sauravzone1
Slight modification of the default Ubuntu 13.04 icon theme with the folder icons and the Firefox and Geany icons replaced with the ones from FS Icons Ubuntu. The light version has not been verified by me.
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 23 2013