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Full Icon Themes by timorei
Humanity Icon theme converted to PNG to work with kde4 in karmic (4.3.2 - version 0.1) and maverick (version 0.2). Licence is GPL as the original Authors posted. I take absolutely no credit for any artwork included. *offers beer to the elders of the internet* ;)
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 07 2010

Oxygen Green

Full Icon Themes by tonywhite
unix icon-theme linux
May 05 2010

Kanzi Icons

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101
Icons from Kanzi suite, designed to resemble mac os-x icons without being a copy. Includes an amarok icon by deviantdark (hydroxygen), as a stand-in until I make my own :)
unix linux icon-theme
Nov 27 2009


Full Icon Themes by KuduK
Best icons in the world. Thanks to Dario Arnaez, for having allowed to convert themes icons Cryo64 series. Cryo64-Mixed is a mixed set of Cryo64 IconPackages.
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 12 2009

Tangoish KDE

Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna
A tangoish icon theme for KDE 4! I was waiting for someone else to release one and just got sick of waiting! I like the simplicity and how easy it is to identify various actions. Apparently 'Tango' is more of a way of organizing things, not the actual style of icons, so this theme is...
icon-theme linux unix
Feb 23 2009


Full Icon Themes by Contrast
I made a few modifications to Mentalrey's excellent Dark Glass theme, and thought I'd share my changes with the rest of you. The most notable changes are the directional actions icons (taken from Oxygen) and the player actions buttons (taken from Mewls). Also included are some extra folder...
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 21 2008

Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo
After two years of hard work, it is now finally time to release the 1.0 version of Crystal SVG This is probably the biggest update of Crystal, allot of icons have been redesigned, others have been added, special care was given to Koffice and Kopete. Thanks to: Connectiva - For financing...
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Jun 15 2007


Full Icon Themes by nmirthes
The Tango Desktop Project aims to provide a uniform look and feel to a given graphical user interface. This includes: * The Icon Naming Specification * Transitional icon naming utilities * Standard icon style guidelines * The base Tango Icon Library * The Tango Icon Library...
icon-theme linux unix
Mar 12 2007